Uranus in Aries ~ A Taste of Armageddon

Armed Predator drone firing Hellfire missile
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Do you remember the Star Trek episode, A Taste of Armageddon (1967), where people fought a computerized war and reported to disintegration booths as casualties?

I don’t write about politics on this blog, but when truth imitates science fiction…well, I need to talk about it. There was a recent New York Times article about drone wars that got me hot on this topic. Drone wars are on the rise. We’re headed to where “no man has gone before” and it just makes me sick.

Is this just one more way Uranus in Aries (detached savagery) and Pluto in Capricorn (big government) will appear in our futures ~ as computerized war mongers with volunteers as casualties? Will we, like our Star Trek volunteers, be lining up one day for the disintegration booth?

No bombs, no blood.

People will just be…gone.

Drones have been around for a while. We’ve been perfecting them in Pluto’s hidden places. They’re quite public now, though. That’s an armed Predator drone firing a Hellfire missile in the photo up there. No windows are necessary because the pilot is not in the drone. Where is the pilot anyway?

Maybe all the war-centered video games marketed to young boys have just been a way to prepare this generation to accept drone wars, a way to encourage them to become involved. Will they volunteer one day?

“The Age of Aquarius.” This is not what we bargained for, is it? It certainly doesn’t seem “humane” to me. Uranus will always surprise us. Pluto will always bring us new ways to destroy.

Maybe the Full Moon in Aries fueled my disgust for this and I just needed to get it out.

What are your views on the drone wars and war-centered video games?____________________________________________

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18 thoughts on “Uranus in Aries ~ A Taste of Armageddon

  1. I think once they took the commanders off the fields, and took the clubs and daggers away from the warriors and gave them guns then tanks then push buttons instead that war became insane.
    Every commander needs to be in the middle of the battle; not hiding in an underground bunker. He needs to feel what his soldiers are feeling. He needs to look the enemies in the eye so he remembers that he killed a fellow human being.
    Having said that, war is one of the ways humans have always dealt with over population.
    The “no man’s zone” between villages used to be the safe place for the birds and the beasts.

  2. I would have to say that one of the things that distresses me is violence in general. And,
    being male and white, doesn’t help my image in anyway. I did play “cops and robbers” as a kid. I enjoyed the games. But, after shooting a slug once while I was doing target practice with a BB gun with my friend, I realized that taking life shook me to my core. I realized the profound impact of taking life away from a sentient being. I am now more fully committed to being a Buddhist than ever before. Because, really, it’s taking a good look at death is what is really needed. And, I shudder about what that might mean in the near future for all earth’s inhabitants.

    1. Welcome, unconditionman, and thanks for sharing your pov. My husband had a similar experience with a BB gun as a child that had a profound effect on him, too. He says it changed him forever and I believe him. Thanks for saying that about your image. The white man does have the reputation of being the most savage creature on earth when it comes to war and occupation of other territories and peoples. We learned fast, it seems, but not well enough.

  3. ‘War’ can have many interpretations…

    Tr Uranus in Aries will hit My MC of 9 Aries

    & Jupiter 13 Aries

    Wonder what battle I’ll be fighting???

    Maybe to get my invention on the market


    1. That sounds like a much better battle than a drone war, Krista. I hope you win the war.

  4. Thank you for having the courage to ‘go there’ CJ, ’cause I know it’s not easy sometimes. One of my favorite books is “Chorus of Stones” by Susan Griffin. It’s very poetic, but dark, where she tells the tale of how war went from hand-to-hand combat, and seeing your enemy, to dropping bombs from far above….’bombs away.’ I think we are at a critical crossroads here, and that’s why these uprisings for something different are giving me more hope than I’ve had since these dang wars ramped up after 9/11. “Detached Savagery” – very apt description. Goddess help us all….may conscience reach those who seem tragically cut off from it.

    1. Hallelujah!! Maybe closer toward the end of the Age we’ll really understand Aquarius’ “I Know.” We’re far away from it now.

  5. Scarey, for sure, CJ. And certainly a possible outcome of explosive Uranus in belligerant Aries. I’m sensing so much mindless and out of control rage with Uranus there–very much like a volatile Mars-Uranus conjunction or Square.

    Uranus has been trining my Ascendant and sextile my natal Uranus in the 11th for several months during this stationary and retrograde period. You’d think I’d be attracting all sorts of fascinating, brilliant, and evolved new people into my life, right? You’d be wrong. What I am attracting is all kinds of nasty, abusive, rageful comments on my blog from brats who know next to nothing about astrology and are either barely out of their teens or else are permanently frozen in adolescent revolt. Lord, save us all!! Donna

    (Hi, Molly–long time no see!)

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that, Donna. Lewis Black (the self-proclaimed angriest man in America) did an amazing riff on exactly what you’re talking about with independent rage on “The Green Room with Paul Provenza.” His routine could be a lecture on Uranus in Aries. I wish I could find the video on line.

  6. cj …

    The drones are controlled from someplace out west I believe it’s around Vegas…and what these drones do is all to sad to comprehend…I’ve watched youtubes of the pilots and it is as if they are playing a game…Aquarian detachment…

    About the age of Aquarius…

    Robert Zoller, had pretty some bleak predictions for the Age of Aquarius…he suggested that the Pisces Age world…where religion become to the opiate of the masses…would be replaced in the Aquarian Age by a world ruled by secretive power-hungry elites seeking absolute power over others. Families would dissolve completely, or family ties will be hidden. He also believes that knowledge in the Aquarian Age would only be valued for its ability to win wars; scientists may even be able to precipitate earthquakes for military means???

    All of that sounds too familiar…

    I wrote an article about this on the examiner…link below

    1. That’s an excellent article, Patricia. I encourage everyone to check it out.

      The Orwellian nightmare you mention certainly seemss a strong possibility. I doubt we, as a species, are capable of creating a Utopian society. We’d have to kill off a lot of people to get there, and that would mean the ones that were left would be pretty much the same, and that’s certainly not Utopian. Which leaves us sort of stuck with the Orwellian nightmare. Where, oh where, is the middle way? It’s up to each and every one of us to take at least one step to fix this mess. To quote one of my favorite lines, “And I am unanimous in that!” (A very Uranus in Aries quote.)

  7. Very interesting post, CJ..and yes, I agree – thank you for being brave and voicing your opinion on this. 2012 and the end of the world? Obviously, unless some faceless suit pushes the wrong button (why does there have to be such a button!!!), in reality it means the ‘end’ of a way of living and thinking – my personal view. There has definitely been a ‘shift’ towards a more spiritual outlook; holistic therapies etc etc but with this shift has come the ‘shadow’ maybe..the mindless violence of video games (and I have to agree with your comment about young boys being ‘prepared’!); the total lack of compassion by Governments when cutting health service budgets and help for the elderly and so on.

    Armageddon – Uranus/Aries? Not a big leap to K-armageddon – Saturn, I am sure will at some point come down very hard on his rebellious child!

    It was gratifying to see so many comments from people who feel the same..there is Hope.

    1. Where there’s light, there’s a shadow and with a shadow, there’s light. We really need to take a good look at the light Pluto’s lantern shines.

  8. At age twelve, I hit a bull’s eye the first time I used a bow and arrow. I have shot guns before, at a target, because I love to challenge myself. “People kill, guns don’t”. People with the intent will do their deed somehow, with bare hands if necessary. I have no intention of hurting or killing any living being. That is not who I am.

    Having said that, I detest violence. Especially, what is shown on television. Years ago, a murder was implied, but now, all is to see. From blowing someone’s head off to coroner’s photos. The bigger the explosion the better. I will not watch. I firmly believe that violence, everywhere, will come to pass as more people tire of it and refuse to be sucked into it. But it will take a long time. In the meantime, stick to your guns (no pun intended…well, maybe a little) and speak out against it. People will stop, listen, think and see. I have faith.

    1. Movies are just insane now! All the special effects are just crazy. I just saw a preview for the remake of Three Musketeers. It looked like Matrix. Absolutely ridiculous.

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