A Friday Offering to Venus

Today is Friday, the day ruled by Venus, and the Moon is in Taurus. Every goddess deserves an offering on her special day.

When the Moon is in Taurus and reaches my fourth hosue, I turn into a domestic goddess. I simply can’t stop myself from running on instinct. My heart naturally turns to the garden and home. The earth flowers, the sensual world opens up. Here’s a video that beautifully shows what Moon in Taurus feels like to me.

 What does Moon in Taurus feel like to you? Where is Taurus in your chart?

Friday is the Day of Sharing and Relationship, of personal Resource and Value. On this day I experience the joy of life and seek to be with those in whose company I feel good. I sing or listen to music, I gratify my senses, I allow my artistic side full expression. Friday is a good day to take an art class, deposit money into the bank, go out on a date.  ~ David Mosley, ZodiacArts


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9 thoughts on “A Friday Offering to Venus

  1. As a true Vensuian child..love this, cj!

    Yes, a day to celebrate the Goddess within all of us!

    Weekends, traditionally, are when families meet up maybe..so why not have a while to indulge in what makes you feel good. Friday is my ‘shopping for food’ day and I loved sorting through all the wonderful vegetables this morning, much as I love salad stuff..the winter vegetables now on show and available to buy were a pure delight! Taurus obviously makes me think good, comforting food!!!

  2. Food Glorious Food! Absolutely. You are definitely reaching the heart of Sun in Cancer/Moon in Taurus when you say the magic words “good, comforting food.”

  3. Where is Tarus in my chart? Alas, it’s nowhere! Just like Capricorn and Virgo, other than Neptune. That;s why I need good Taurus planets among my friends like you to keep me from floating off into the stratosphere! Donna

  4. Mercury in Taurus (11th)! Unfortunately, it is in opposition to Moon in Scorpio (5th), and both planets are on a T-square to Pluto in Leo (3rd). So, there is plenty of communication problems with third, fifth, and eleventh house individuals. It is very, very frustrating!

  5. Taurus rules my H11- I have no planets in taurues- buy my Prog moon has been there for two years-

    And as I am very strongly moon ruled- I have been SO Taurean these past 2 years..

    Also- until a few years ago- I couldn’t understand why I meet so many taurus men..

    I have been engaged/ or married to the following dates-

    5/15 ( a husband); 5/16 ( my first & forever love- to this day ) 5/17; 5/18..( fiancess)

    With astro study- I found out my sun- moon midpoint is 24 taurus…

    What a great site this is….


    1. I’m glad you’re having fun here, Krista. 🙂 The Sun/Moon midpoint is one of the most sensitive points in the chart so with your Progressed Moon in Taurus, Taurus is very strong for you right now. Where’s your Earth. (It will be directly opposite your Sun.)

      We really are all the signs.

      1. My earth is Capricorn..( I have no planets there- but ruler is in Virgo)

        My ASC is 25 Cancer- Sun 28 Cancer…

        In the archives- might I find sabian symbols ?? asteroids ??

        I have an unusual number of asteroids conj planets….

        ~~~~~~These nuances are such great mysteries


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