Moon in Taurus

Taurus Key Phrase: At EaseLaid back days that tend to be easy going and comfort seeking, but also steadfast in opinion and action. Won’t be bullied into doing things. Practical concerns may take priority. These are days when you’re looking for extra gravy on your potatoes. Very sensual days in all ways. If it feels … More Moon in Taurus

Today’s Moon ~ Taurus

Today’s Taurus Moon ambles by without aspecting any planets until she meets up with Neptune in Pisces round about the witching hour. An unaspected Moon has free rein to be exactly who she is and to indulge in the affairs of her house.

Venus sextile Neptune ~ Glamour

From June 20 – 30, 2017 Venus in Taurus will be in an enchanting sextile to Neptune in Pisces. It reminds me of all the glamorous movie stars from Hollywood’s Golden Age. Venus in Taurus is very much the sex goddess and Neptune rules glamour and film. It’s a match made in heaven.