Moon in Taurus

Taurus Key Phrase: At Ease
Laid back days that tend to be easy going and comfort seeking, but also steadfast in opinion and action. Won’t be bullied into doing things. Practical concerns may take priority. These are days when you’re looking for extra gravy on your potatoes. Very sensual days in all ways. If it feels good (and it’s easy), do it.


Determined, Resourceful, Self-Indulgent, Security Conscious, Conservative, Enduring

Good Taurus Tricks

Organize the money in your wallet by 1’s, 5’s, etc., and put them facing the same direction.

Have you ever heard that old wives’ tale about not putting your purse on the floor or you’ll stay broke? Floors in public places aren’t the cleanest, so there’s that issue. Mostly though, it’s about respecting your money ~ and Taurus certainly respects money. Sometimes the only place you can put your purse is on the floor at your feet, just for safety’s sake. At home, though, pick a special place of honor for your purse, keep your wallet tidy, and tuck a $20 or $50 in a hidey-hole in your wallet in case of an emergency.