2020, A #4 Year for Gaining Control or “Ramblings on Getting my Numbers Together”

In prepping for a #4 Universal Year in 2020, I’ve subtitled this post “Ramblings on Getting my Numbers Together.”

First I’ll ramble. Then I’ll focus and get in control of what dealing with 4s can bring after the often distracted or scattered focus of 2019.

2019 taught me that I have very little control over anything. It was a #3 Universal Year which, at its most basic meaning, is about being honest. Honest about your material world, your spiritual beliefs, what you do and don’t know, and your feelings. Especially your feelings. Threes are ruled by Jupiter so there can be lots of indulgences, exaggerations (even lies), and grandiosity along with the joy and creativity of 3.

It has been my experience that #3 years can bring the greatest heartache, especially if it’s a Personal Year and not jut the Universal Year. #7 Years, when we are forced to pull back in one way or another, can have a similar impact.

2020 is a bit of a conundrum. It’s a 4, associated with Saturn, and therefore all about process and stabilization. But those 2s imply something very different—reflection, supporting others, often taking the back seat in relationships, not because we’re ignored but because we want to be supportive of another.  It’s very lunar. I think we could all use a little more Moon and a little less Saturn. I’m prejudiced, though.

Tania Gabrielle, astro-numeroligist, in her Message for 2020 says we should forget about goals because our future selves will have other needs and other goals. It’s not about reaching the goal. It’s about the process. (source) I really like her message for the coming year.

Process is what the 4s are about. Process and stabilization. I personally believe that our world is in dire need of that these days. Fours insist that excess and indulgence be pared down to the bare bones (Saturn) to distill the cosmic elixir into something usable in the real world.

Lest we go too far toward the Saturnian process and stabilization side of the 2020 vibes and too far away from the lunar relationship emphasis of 2020, I believe that we have to deal with control—what is under our control, what isn’t, and what we try desperately to grasp.

Here’s an excerpt from Year 4 of my Year-Seer series about control. If you’re interested, check the series out in my Etsy store.

4 of Earth

Image result for four of pentacles robin wood tarot
Robin Wood Tarot

Are you able to adapt so that you may continue to grow, or have you become rigid in your beliefs and routines? Must you control everything?

In the Cycle of 4, progress requires that rules and laws are followed, routine and regularity be observed, and that steadfast action is applied to the task.

What are the inherent problems that come with this territory? Control is one. Wanting to maintain absolute control—making all the decisions, setting up the rules and imposing limitations, demanding that everyone comply with your wishes, being completely in charge, oblivious to your own weaknesses—these are the blueprints for disaster.

Possessiveness is another inherent problem. If you possess something, you control it. Perhaps you wish to withhold it from others, claiming it solely as “mine,” thereby giving in to greed and miserliness. The goal becomes acquisition—more money, more stuff, more “mine.”

Once you possess all this control, you certainly aren’t going to let it slip through your fingers, so a third problem arises—stagnation, the inability to accept change. You could decide to just maintain the status quo, but maybe—just maybe—there’s something better. If you want everything to stay the same, you block the possibility for improvement. By holding on to the present exactly as it is, you impose a limited future on yourself.

The other side of the coin is, of course, gaining control and ownership and finding stabilization. Without these attributes you flounder about with no direction because you have no starting point. Take control of the wobbly parts of your life so that the challenges you face do not cause you to self-destruct. Hold onto the things and ideas that give you stability and purpose.

Structure is very important in the Cycle of 4, but do not lose sight of possibilities. Keep the door open. Angels may enter.

Wishing you everything your heart desires in 2020.