Moon in Gemini

Gemini Key Phrase: Flitting About

The energy is generally high on these days, but in a different way than the Aries energy. People are generally light-hearted, like to visit with each other, and tend to gossip. News travels fast and so do you. These are butterfly and flowers days. You’re the butterfly. There’s lots to grab your attention, but your attention may drift or your plans may change unexpectedly. These are great days for conversation, catching up on email or phone calls.


Adaptable, Curious, Communicative, Chatty, Flexible, Nervous

Good Gemini Tricks

Gemini has the gift of gab, so there should be no shortage of small talk today. Gemini is perfect for a cocktail party. If you’re planning a get-together, have fun with Gemini’s love of variety by hosting a tasting party. A dip party is another idea, with several kinds of dips to serve with fresh veggies and chips.

Open windows if the weather allows to get some needed air flow moving through your home.

Arms, hands, and lungs are Gemini’s body parts. Give your hands the spa treatment with a lemon salt or sugar scrub. Add several drops of lemon essential oil to a cup of salt or sugar with enough olive, almond, or vegetable oil to cover. Keep it by your kitchen sink in a sugar bowl with an easy lift-off lid for easy access.