Moon in Cancer

Cancer Key Phrase: Where the Heart Is

Cancer, the sign ruled by the Moon, is sensitive and moody. Moods may change suddenly and you could find yourself crying and laughing at the same time. There are ties to the past during this transit, so it’s a good time to connect emotionally with others. Just be careful that you step gently, there could be hearts underfoot.

Keywords: Emotional, Moody, Sensitive, Domestic, Imaginative, Needy

Good Cancer Tricks:

The Cancer Moon is beautifully suited to working on your home, poring through old photos of family and friends, and spending time with your best girlfriends and female relatives.

It can be a sentimental Moon, so have plenty of tissues on hand for tender moments.

The kitchen is the room most closely associated with Cancer and is the heart of the home. Kitchen table psychology (and nurturing) has gotten many of us through hard times so don’t be surprised if it’s just what you need on these days.

Pull out those dishes handed down from your grandmother that you’ve got stored in a box somewhere and use them to serve lots of comfort food for these few days. Cook up some nostalgic meals that bring back good memories. If you’re not the cooking type, order in something that does the same thing.

You might enjoy indulging in family traditions when the Moon is in Cancer or…start your own. There’s a gently-handed-down feel to these days.

If stress hits your belly on these days, it’s because the belly is associated with Cancer. So are the breasts, so it’s an excellent time for a self-exam.