#2 Day, Moon in Taurus and Gemini

If moods seem heavy in the early part of the day, they may lighten up in the afternoon or evening.

On this #2 day, the Moon in Taurus moves into Gemini midday. Being ruled by Venus, Taurus is comfort-loving and pleasure-seeking. Mercurial Gemini seeks contact and mental stimulation.

The 2 is Moon-ruled with a need for comfort and contact while offering support and emotional connection.

The combination of today’s Moon and the number 2 is reassuring to me, despite the Moon’s opposition to Mars. Mars is moving from Scorpio to Sagittarius today so maybe some of that penetrating, intense energy will begin to dissipate.

Use the stimulating color of orange to help transition from the earth-bound to the more light-hearted. Sweet orange essential oil is enlivening. Eat an orange or drink a glass of sunshine. 🙂

Excerpt from Year-Seer Cycle 2

Color of 2: Orange

Orange for energy and motivation.

Orange is provocative and stimulating. Use it when you feel a lack of vitality or uncertainty about your direction. It is a combination of the driving red and the communicative yellow, so it will definitely get you out there. If you are drawn to orange, you are likely to be focused, productive, social, and vibrant. You have probably organized your goals and use your energy efficiently. It is also likely that you are swayed by the opinions of others.

Orange is closely associated with the power of desire and sexuality, and the search for a mate. If you need to rekindle the flame of passion, try using this bold and vibrant color to communicate your intentions. It spreads joy, enthusiasm, self-assurance and health—and always seeks a connection. Peach, apricot, and various other shades of orange will also convey this message in a subtler manner.

Orange requires a high degree of confidence from the wearer. If it is a color you generally don’t like or feel uncomfortable with, you may be experiencing confusion, frustration, or blocked emotions. Add a bit of orange to your environment or clothing to re-attune yourself to its magnetic qualities.

If you need a break from orange’s stimulating effect, its complementary color, indigo, will relax and calm you. It will aid you in giving voice to your feelings, securing your self-confidence, and aiding you with insights and truth. If you feel that orange is too aggressive or social, use indigo to convey competence and responsibility. It will help you to feel settled.