Saturn’s on My Neptune and Boy, Do My Feet Hurt

Wedding Day, from Photobucket

When your feet hurt, you hurt all over and my dogs are barkin!

I wish my feet hurt because I was having the same kind of fun that the bride in the photo was having, but that’s not the case. Tr. Saturn (aching) has been conjunct my Neptune (feet), so my feet have been hurting for a couple of weeks. Honest to goodness, I am giving myself a nice long foot soak and a pedicure this evening just to kick Saturn back. That’ll learn him! (Uh-oh, maybe he’s trying to learn me something. OK, got it, Teach.)

Pisces rules the feet, so Jupiter and Neptune can play a big role in how your feet are faring. When Neptune passed through my first house, I broke three toes on three different occasions. Ouch! Yes, I was careless in that Neptunian way. And I’m the barefoot type, so my toes are frequently compromised since they’re unshod. Saturn/Neptune can show up as corns or callouses on the feet and I’ve been complaining about how dry (and tender) my feet have been. The aching feet are probably just a metaphor for something that hasn’t gotten through my thick skull yet.

Paungger and Poppe, authors of Moon Time, The Art of Harmony with Nature and Lunar Cycles, say that the best time to cut your toenails is on a Friday after sunset. I’m definitely taking their advice tonight.  

Here’s the thing. We often look for the BIG MEANING when we get transits to our natal planets or houses. Sometimes, though, it’s things like our feet hurting…or digestion…or how glowy our skin is. The universe definitely keeps up with us even if we’re not paying attention.

Have you ever had anything happen to your feet with a Neptune or Pisces transit?


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6 thoughts on “Saturn’s on My Neptune and Boy, Do My Feet Hurt

  1. Now that you mention it, Saturn is conjuncting my Neptune, and my left foot has recently been hurting without apparent cause.

    1. Be sure and get it checked out, libramoon. “Without apparent cause” could mean anything and we don’t want an odd ache to turn into something chronic. I did have my home pedicure/foot spa last night and my feet feel much better this morning. I have to take better care of them!!

  2. Saturn was on my Neptune 16 Libra.. H4

    My natal moon is 17 Pisces

    I have injured my feet quite frequently these past months

    I’m serious in this- Can your feet get smaller ??

    Over the past couple of years- I went down one whole size……

    My Sainted mom was a Pisces…

    Now when I look down to put on my stockings- I see my mothers feet….

    Blessings to you all


    1. HA! I wish my feet could get smaller! What you said about stockings and your mom ~ that’s very sweet.

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