12 Reasons to Love a Libra

Libra glides into our lives with beauty, grace, and charm and we simply cannot resist her. She has one desire ~ to make us fall head over heels in love with her.

Wherever we find Libra in our chart, we benefit from working with a partner (8th house Libras, stop that snickering!), and may feel lost without one.

Libra insists on an attractive environment in the house she occupies. If Libra is on your Ascendant, you are the environment. You insist on looking your best and you expect the same from others. Even if your clothes are old, you have taken great care of them. No one would know you had owned them for 20 years.

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On one hand, Libra can cause us to be too indecisive. On the other hand, Libra gives us two points of view thereby enabling us to develop our mediation and negotiating skills.

Let’s take a quick look at the reasons we love her in each of the houses.


  1. Libra is always attractively put together. We are charmed by her classic beauty and style.
  2. She spends her money on beautiful things, but understands that people come first, money second.
  3. She charms us with her beautiful words.
  4. She can turn a modest little home into a palace with a bucket of paint and a rag.
  5. She creates objects d’art and acts as our muse.
  6. Knowing that presentation is everything, she teaches us that we are what we eat.
  7. She lets us have our way a lot.
  8. Love or sex? Le sexe est l’amour. L’amour est le sexe.
  9. Being a cultural guru, she shows us that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  10. With the ability to administer tough love, she’s the iron hand in a velvet glove.
  11. Love makes the world go round and Libra shares it with all her friends.
  12. She knows love as the ultimate Divinity. “Where there is love, there is God.” (Mother Teresa)

A word about the Libra rising chart ~ This is the natural wheel turned upside down. House 7 is Aries, the sign of independent action and strong resolve. Libra, the sign of the partner, is now faced with the most independent of partners imaginable. Here’s the rub ~ Does Libra really want such an independent partner or is she projecting her own independence onto her Aries partner?

Where is Libra in your chart and what do you love most about its placement? How do planets in that house affect your Libra affairs?





9 thoughts on “12 Reasons to Love a Libra

  1. right on. YOU are what YOU EAT.. YES. that is correct.
    I think Libra is well placed in the 6th house. Right there with all those planets, there is reason, drive, responsibility all rolled up in how to take care of the body and mind you are born with.
    The user’s manual is long but there are few surprises. Follow the rules and live long. and the package IS attractive, you’re right. I’m doing that part well enough,it appears.

    1. Pleazzzzze help me, mimi!!! You know, maybe the best diet in the world is to think in Libra terms.

  2. Love this post..Libra:- Sun, 9th House;;Venus 9th House; Neptune 9th House..did I say I love this????? LOL…

    Well..my philosophy is LOVE MAKES IT ALL OK!!!

  3. I am a complete ditz when it comes to the home – no design instinct at all – what’s up with that?? Libran Sun in the fourth as well as Mercury – Venus in 4th is in Scorpio.

    1. Really? I’m wondering if you’re giving yourself enough credit, Tracey. Ultimately though, the most important thing is that we are satisfied in our home environment and that what we see and experience there everyday is supportive and makes us happy.

  4. All my Libra placements fall in my 2nd, and I think your description fits. Much as I love beautiful things, people always come first – I appreciate how you get that. My Libra North Node progressed into the 12th a while back, and I also relate to your 12th house description. Love as a divine guiding force is absolutely what I value most.

    1. That’s wonderful, LB. Isn’t that an amazing quote? I believe it’s the title of her book.

  5. Libra Sun in the 2nd house all alone––no classical aspects to my Sun at all, and with semisextiles back to my Virgo Moon/Leo Pluto/Leo Ascendant, it’s tough for me to see myself as charming at all. Too much baggage at that front door!

    With a Mercury–Neptune conjunction in Libra in the 3rd, I think my Libra expresses herself through writing and speaking. I’m told I’m especially good at clearly articulating points of view, and expressing ideas in ways people can easily grasp 🙂

    Thank you for your kind and insightful words about Libra, a sign often misunderstood as being codependent and unfocused. It takes a lot of skill to see there’s *always* another point of view.

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