6 Reasons to Observe the Autumnal Equinox

Aside from Autumn being my favorite season, there are real reasons to observe the Equinox:

  1. The Equinox marks one of the four cardinal points of our zodiac.
  2. An awareness of seasons and cycles.
  3. The Equinox is a symbol of balance in our lives.
  4. Temperature
  5. Color
  6. Food and Flowers

1: The Equinox marks one of the four cardinal points of our zodiac.

We can’t fully understand a natal chart without recognizing this basic principle.Without getting all technical and making your eyes glaze over, the Autumn Equinox is the same as 00º Libra and marks one of the four cardinal points of our zodiac. The astrological zodiac which we use in chart analysis is based on astrological signs, not astronomical constellations. A long time ago in a land far, far away, signs and constellations were the same. They’re different now. Surprise, surprise. Our universe isn’t static. One thing hasn’t changed, though ~ the days that light and dark are equal in length. That’s an Equinox. (For a good technical explanation of the Equinox, click here.)

2: An awareness of seasons and cycles.

Astrology is all about cycles. From the fast-paced, mood-driven cycle of the Moon and the lunar month to the slow and life-changing cycles of the outer planets, we observe the planets’ motion. These cycles are our celestial clock. Something clicks inside of us as the seasons and planetary cycles change ~ we feel and often behave differently. Different types of events occur in our outer lives with a change of season or cycle. We aren’t likely to wear our coats in the summer and we aren’t likely to remain calm and collected as Uranus impacts our Moon or Sun. We might, but what are the odds?

As the seasons change, we observe the cycle of life and death through nature with the great assurance that the cycle will repeat. That sounds a lot like astrology in general to me.

3: The Equinox is a symbol of balance in our lives.

Libra is the great symbol of balance. Associated with the 7th house in the natural wheel of a chart, it asks us to look at the balance between Me and You. Houses 1-6 emphasize Me. When we enter the 7th house, our world opens up to include the great You. It’s also a fantastic time to look at anything that is out of balance in our lives and bring it back into proper proportion. Anything.

The next three reasons to observe the Equinox are not astrologically oriented, but they play a major role in how our bodies and psyches respond to the seasons.

4: Temperature

Having suffered temps hovering at 100° since about May, I am sooooo ready for a change in the temperature. There’s always something crisp and invigorating in the autumn air. I love the feel of that on my skin. Warm days kissed by Northern breezes and cool nights. Autumn has always been my favorite season because it truly makes me feel alive. Everyone seems to have a favorite season based on the temperature they prefer. The seasons and changing temps are ushered in by the first day of Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter ~ the cardinal points of our zodiac.

5: Color

What a feast for the eyes! The colors of each season are jam-packed with meaning. Chances are good that your favorite colors are associated with the season you like best. Think about it. They may not even be colors that look best on you. Take a look around your home or check your closet to see if you are unconsciously carrying a season’s color scheme into your everyday life. Do you find connections?

6: Food and Flowers

Now here’s one everyone can identify with! Are you looking forward to that first pumpkin pie of autumn? Take a look in the grocery stores at all the new produce in the bins. Isn’t it gorgeous?! Pomegranates, harvest squashes, turnips, kale, persimmons, clementines, cranberries, apples and fresh cider. This is their season! Celebrate the Autumnal Equinox by preparing a meal of your favorite autumn foods. It doesn’t have to be on the exact day of the Equinox. Just note the season at some point within the next week or so.

Put some of your favorite autumn flowers on display ~ mums, snapdragons, pansies, dianthus, and johnny-jump-ups appear in the nurseries. Fill a cornucopia or basket with dried corn, wheat, pinecones, and squash. Decorate a pumpkin with autumn leaves.

Invite the new season into your life. Enjoy it. Celebrate the change.

Do you celebrate the Equinox or change of seasons?

Does your favorite season have a connection with your chart? I have 5 planets in the SW (autumn) hemisphere and autumn is my favorite season. Hmmm. Maybe there’s something to that. Maybe not. What do you think?


16 thoughts on “6 Reasons to Observe the Autumnal Equinox

  1. Very good points! Fall is my favorite season — the colors, the smells, the nip in the air.

    I always celebrate the equinox in my own ways. I also set intentions for the Fall – things I want to do and/or bring into my life over the next little while.

    1. Great idea, Lindsay! Each season or half year, even, can be focused on a specific goal. Thanks for that.

  2. As a nutritionist and naturopath – often observe the four mid points of the seasons are when many people have a ‘cleanse’, so many people with colds starting this week as we approach the Equinox – but nothing to fear as all these acutes are a way for the body to have a much needed detox and clear waste!

    1. That’s very interesting, Suzy. Are these instinctual times to cleanse; e.g., do you get first time clients at these times? I’m also wondering if the Equinox is a sort of last-ditch Virgoan/6th house effort to get our bodies and diets in balance again.

  3. My Leo Moon prefers the summer with all that daylight! Autumn has always meant ragweed and misery. But I’m doing so much better this year, having started allergy shots in the spring. I do love all the fall foods — pumpkins, apples — and nice to be able to turn the oven back on again!

    1. Won’t it be nice to turn the oven on? And to have the fireplace lit again? I love finally having a fireplace. I hope you make it through allergy season without too much trouble. That’s miserable.

    1. Happy Spring to you and all our friends on the other side of the equator!

  4. Love this..fits in with my work on my chakras! Orange is traditionally the colour associated with the Sacral Chakra..after we move on from the Base or Root chakra… and is where polarity exists..male/female, night/day..orange helps us to open up to other people and work out what we desire..no surprise that this time is about orange fruits/vegetables..leaves changing colour..Nature teaches us so much when we become aware of it. The Sacral Chakra also prepares us for dealing with the next – our self-esteem, which makes sense when we have done all the interacting with others and found ourselves again. Thank you for such a visual post! p.s. Sun Libran/Venus Libran..I need balance..like I need..err..air???

    1. Thanks for sharing the info on the Sacral Chakra, Penny. I had never thought about it in terms of polarity.

  5. I have loved autumn as long as I can remember. This poem describes my feeling so well, I thought I would share it with you:

    THERE is something in the autumn that is native to my blood—
    Touch of manner, hint of mood;
    And my heart is like a rhyme,
    With the yellow and the purple and the crimson keeping time.

    The scarlet of the maples can shake me like a cry
    Of bugles going by.
    And my lonely spirit thrills
    To see the frosty asters like a smoke upon the hills.

    There is something in October sets the gypsy blood astir;
    We must rise and follow her,
    When from every hill of flame
    She calls and calls each vagabond by name.

    (Vagabond Song by Bliss Carman)

    I smiled when I read what you wrote about seasonal colors; it is so true for us. Our living room, dining room, study, and bedroom are all autumnal in color, with greens, golds, and russets. The sunlight from our bedroom skylights is even filtered through double glass frames holding rice paper covered with fall leaves.

    A happy Harvest Home to one and all!

    1. What a beautiful poem, Mari. She does call each vagabond by name, doesn’t she? I can’t imagine how gorgeous your skylights are. They must be absolutely mesmerizing. How do you ever manage to get out of bed?! I’d be there staring up all the time.

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