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Ritual for the New Moon in Aquarius 2015 ~ From Head to Heart

Do you consider yourself to be head or heart-centered? Word on the cosmic street is that Aquarius, being fixed air, is prone to being too much in the head and not enough in the heart. This particular New Moon will test the Aquarian mettle. The lunation occurs on Feb. 18, 2015, at 29.59 degrees of… Continue reading Ritual for the New Moon in Aquarius 2015 ~ From Head to Heart

Aquarius and Uranus

Aquarius ~ The Friend of the Zodiac

Remember, George: no man is a failure who has friends. ~ It's a Wonderful Life Aquarius has earned the reputation of being the friend of the zodiac because of its concern for humanity in general, even though it might be a tough nut to crack when it gets right down to being your good close… Continue reading Aquarius ~ The Friend of the Zodiac

Aquarius and Uranus

Attitudes: Aquarius ~ Aloofness

Aloofness is one of the Water Bearer's less charming traits. It underscores more negative Aquarian traits like cold, detached, unfeeling and unsociable. Yes, Aquarius can be quite unsociable even though it's one of the social (air) signs. We all have Aquarius in our chart so it would be unlikely that one of us hasn't had… Continue reading Attitudes: Aquarius ~ Aloofness