Full Moon in Leo ~ It’s All About Me…and You, and You, Too

Balance ~ that’s what Full Moons want. Fulfillment, of course. They want that, too. But there’s a need for balance between the lights and the signs. With the Full Moon in Leo, we’re being asked to balance our own needs or desires with those of the group at large.

Aquarius is naturally suited to the 11th house of friends, communities, groups ~ all our social networks. That includes all the social networking sites we belong to now ~ Facebook, Twitter, forums, online groups, as well as the friends we develop through our blogs and websites.

Leo likes attention. Even introverted Leos respond to a little of the spotlight barely falling on their toes if not fully on their faces. It feels good to be appreciated, right?

Want to fulfill this Full Moon in Leo? Do something nice for a good friend, a possible new friend, an old friend, or a group of friends. Leo days are known to be a good time for a party (as are Gemini days), but there’s no need to throw an all-out bash. You can keep it simple. Even a small gesture has the possibility of a big payoff. A call, a lunch date, a tweet, anything that says, “Hey, you’re special ~ you’re my friend and I appreciate you” will serve both of the signs well and the friendship, too.

From Moon Phases for January 2010 with Zodiactivities:

Full Wolf Moon in Leo
If you are in a part of the world that had a Full Moon on January 1st, this is a Blue Moon for you.
Full Moon exact on Jan 30 at 1:18am

  • let your creative juices flow
  • don’t wait for appreciation, appreciate yourself
  • do something really, really fun

Creativity is a drug I can’t live without.
~ Cecil B. DeMille


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Bette Midler recorded Friends just at the time I was forging life-long relationships with some of my BFFs. I’m so fortunate that many of these wonderful people are still in my life. They’re worth their weight in Leo gold. The video quality here is poor, but the song is sweet and encouraging.

Photo of cereal box from Wikimedia Commons.

2 thoughts on “Full Moon in Leo ~ It’s All About Me…and You, and You, Too

  1. Awww, CJ … Bette Midler is one of my world-wide favorite GFs of all time. Like you, she was belting out the songs that would and continue to weave in and out of my gut and heart like good, gold friends. This is a perfect antidote to the lack of social stamina I’ve been feeling and querying my readers today. Being Leo conj Pluto, Mars and Saturn I am a ball of confusion when it comes to attention-getting, so Bette up there glowing is just perfect full-moon dessert. Thanks a million~

    1. Bette sang some good ones, and brings back so many memories. Those were the easy days.

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