Moon in the Signs

2019: Year~Seer – The Tarot’s Got Your Number

We're about to turn the corner onto 2019, a #3 year of self-expression, joy, and creativity. You will experience the  #3 energy of 2019 through the lens of your personal year number, which is determined by the day you were born. If you find something useful in numerology (I do) and tarot (I do, I… Continue reading 2019: Year~Seer – The Tarot’s Got Your Number

Gemini and Mercury

2012 ~ Mercury Takes the Helm

  More Gemini Eclipses, Universal Year 5, Retrogrades Throw away your pens and get out your pencils and erasers if you're filling in your datebooks. As Dorothy says in the Wizard of Oz, "Things change so quickly here." 2012 is poised to be a Mercurial year. Universal Year Energy 2012 has a universal year energy of… Continue reading 2012 ~ Mercury Takes the Helm