The Love of 3 ~ Pillow Talk

Honest communication is one of the most important keys to growing and sustaining love. Love is always truthful, always forthright. It engages and comforts. It never withholds, never lies, and never represses. The number 3 aspires to express itself with honesty, but never with intention to harm. It lifts us up, allowing and encouraging other people … More The Love of 3 ~ Pillow Talk

Libra ~ Love Is Not a Requirement

Usually when we think of Libra, we think of love. We do that because it’s the sign associated with the House of Marriage and romantic relationships. Libra isn’t just about marriage and romance, though. It’s about all our major relationships.  And in some of those relationships, love is not a requirement. Which relationships don’t require love? The answers … More Libra ~ Love Is Not a Requirement