The Love of 3 ~ Pillow Talk

Honest communication is one of the most important keys to growing and sustaining love. Love is always truthful, always forthright. It engages and comforts. It never withholds, never lies, and never represses. The number 3 aspires to express itself with honesty, but never with intention to harm. It lifts us up, allowing and encouraging other people to express themselves, too.

While communication is a foundation stone of all relationships, a romantic relationship or marriage cannot sustain itself without it. True love begins when we share ourselves openly and honestly with each other. There’s no room for the superficial. We must enter the depths of each other and talk about everything ~ our dreams, our secrets, what pleases us, what doesn’t. And at the end of the day, there’s nothing like those last few moments of pillow talk (and some giggles) just before drifting off to sleep to bond the relationship with intimacy.

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