No Bull ~ It’s Taurus Time

It’s so easy to see Taurus in the southern springtime. It’s dense, easy, and lustily lush ~ with more shades of green in the tree canopies, grasses, and full-bodied palms than you can imagine. Taurus arrives with the star-shaped blooms and the sensuous scent of the Confederate Star Jasmine that drapes over arbors, fences, and swings ~ filling entire neighborhoods with a perfume that insists that we breathe deeply, fully.  Just as Taurus is morphing into Gemini, the jasmine blooms fade, sending their last sweet messages into the night air. Already, we’re dreaming of next year’s blossoms as we nap on screened-in porches and garden swings.

Jasmine is a flower of the Moon and, according to herbalist/magician Scott Cunningham, has the powers of love, money, and prophetic dreams. With those descriptive words, I’d venture to say that jasmine is a flower of the Moon in Taurus, at least in this small patch of earth during April and May. Is the Taurus Moon a prophetic Moon? Perhaps ~ if you are conjuring up a sensual lover and a romp through clover-laden fields. They just may have a little extra coin in their pocket, too.

We’ve heard plenty of stories about how stingy Taurus can be, but they can be quite generous with the ones they love and will provide the best that they are able. Even on a shoestring, Taurus can make a hovel feel quite comfy and inviting. They’ll settle you in, offer you something sweet and yummy, and won’t be a bit unnerved if you doze off. You’re likely to catch them barefoot at home ~ and possibly in the yard, too, if they haven’t become tender-footed by spending too many years in steel-toed working shoes.

Venus is the traditional ruler of Taurus and she is certainly in her earthiest delight here. Donna Cunningham raised the question, AstroDebate—Which Sign does Venus Really Rule? She thinks Earth is the rightful ruler of Taurus, and I’m inclined to think so, too. Symbolically, the Earth seems more suited than Venus to rule Taurus. The richness of the damp earth, the smell of the barnyard, and the overgrowth that can turn a garden or a field into a jungle seem a bit untamed for Venus. We can certainly find Venus in Taurus ~ just as we can find her in all the other signs. She has ~ afterall ~ many skills. I don’t think digging in the dirt would be her first choice, but only she knows for sure.

When you think of Taurus, think gardens ~ but also think farms. Here’s a little something to ponder. What would Venus do to take care of herself while farming? Not gardening ~ farming. How would Venus dress to chop wood, carry water, and muck through the mud to slop the hogs or clean the barn? I just can’t see her pulling poison ivy out of flower beds or scooping up manure to spread on her roses. Our goddesses will surprise us, though.

On the other hand ~ I can get confused about this and go back and forth with the rulership issue. I have two planets in Taurus and Venus conjunct Sun, so there’s a Taurus/Libra mixture. I love getting my hands in the dirt and don’t mind looking like a slob while working in the yard, but I’ll also rub Burt’s Bees Hand Salve into my hands, slip on a pair of non-latex gloves and then top those with regular gardening gloves. Instant hand spa!  (If you haven’t tried this, you’ll be amazed at the results. Venus adores it.)

Confederate Star Jasmine

Taurus implies good hard work, but the bull isn’t afraid of it. He’s got the strength and durability to see to it that the job gets done. There’s also a great deal of efficiency to be born out of a desire not to work so hard all the time. So when we see Taurus depicted as the stereotypical Ferdinand the Bull lying around in green pastures, it’s probably because he’s exhausted. But he also knows how to stop and smell the roses.

Venus or Earth, Taurus is still Taurus and it brings us such glorious bounties from the earth ~ like Star Jasmine on soft spring evenings and the new sprigs of mint for our juleps just in time for the running of the derbies. Venus? Earth? I do lean toward the Earth rulership. Either way, if it’s Taurus ~ it’s the best of both worlds.

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5 thoughts on “No Bull ~ It’s Taurus Time

  1. Oh my..I was there..on my garden swing (lots of cushions – I am Libran, remember?) smelling the first scented flowers as I read your post…when I got to the part about Venus not wanting to dirty her hands, I was a little taken aback! Of course she would (you did go on to explain the how and why..which amused me!) a true Libran child..I am no stranger to getting to grips with the seamier side of gardening..but yes, I have pretty flowery gardening gloves and I do go ‘ouch!’ when I break a nail (yes, truly!) but I took a deep breath and trimmed my nails to a more sensible length..I was also drawn to buying a pink watering can the other day – just ‘because’…I have a dear friend who is Taurus Sun, but Libran Rising and our decorating tastes are totally opposite – but one thing that does bring us together is she likes order and co-ordination and things that ‘please the eye’..I love Taureans – indeed they do make you very welcome in their world! Thanks for this..a moment of bliss in a busy day!

    1. My gardening by the Moon guru, Louise Riotte, was a Libra, too, Penny, and there were plenty in my garden club. I recall a story Riotte tells in one of her books about planting during a rainstorm because it was the right sign and phase. There was plenty of mud and muck that day, I bet. I really do waiver on the Earth/Venus issue ~ always swinging back to Earth for Taurus, in spite of all I’ve been taught in the traditional manner. I just had a thought! Maybe Earth is Taurus farming and Venus is Libra flower gardening. Even though they’re similar, there’s quite a difference between the two. I’d starve if I had to depend on my gardening skills for food. For me, gardening is all about the flowers. Everything I go through is just to produce a beautiful bloom, which I’m loathe to cut, btw. It just seems cruel. Even when I had to make flower arrangements for my garden club, I hated every snip I made to collect the flowers and foliage for the arrangement. I’d rather buy cut flowers. Do try the hand cream and double-glove “spa” tip. It’s amazing.

  2. My husband has a Taurus Sun conjunct Taurus Venus and Mars, with Virgo Moon. Talk about earthy! He has incredible endurance and a great work ethic, but has really taught me how to relax too! My Cardinal Cancer and work-a-holic Cap moon really appreciated his telling me “just take a nap” when I’m tired instead of complaining about it. You’ll never meet anyone that adores food the way a Taurus does too! A refined sense of touch as well – very sensitive to textures and he loves colognes – has more than I – very keen sense of smell. And the most loyal of the zodiac I think. Thanks for the Taurus salute!

  3. I am thinking of my Taurean friend, CJ..yes, she would definitely like Earth – always likes to know she is on solid ground when she starts snorting! Love the vegetable gardens for Taurus and flower gardens for Libra too..appreciation of good food, as Kim rightly says above, is very Taurean..and my vegetable growing is very hit and miss..but scented herbs (the ones where you crush a leaf or two and inhale deeply!) are very high on my list! I love the flowers that you smell before you see too! Although happy for Earth to be for Taurus – I still would like Venus in there – every Taurus I have met has been a good companion in some capacity or other – maybe as a Mercury/Virgo we speak the same language?

    Oh btw..Uranus/ we really need to stick to every tradition????

    1. No, we do not have to stick to every tradition! No, no, no!!! We’d stagnate, dry up and blow away.

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