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Venus Retrograde Shopping Alert

giftA quick note here. Take it with a grain of salt or ignore it altogether, but . . .

If you plan on making luxury purchases for Christmas, consider making those purchases before Venus turns retrograde on December 21st. There’s a good chance that luxury purchases made during the retrograde period won’t get used the way they should. No one wants to lay out a lot of money on a gift that doesn’t pan out.

I learned this lesson the hard way and have been mindful of it since. Just as Mercury Rx is taken more and more seriously by the general public, we need to do the same when our money is involved with VenusRx. Venus rules the money sign, Taurus the Bull, so when she does an about-face, things can get as wacky as MercRx days. It’s just that it’s your money, not your letters, that can go screwy.

Venus is retrograde through January 31, 2014, so don’t get pulled in by a savvy salesperson pushing a luxury item that goes on sale right after Christmas. Bide your time and sit on your money like a good bull.😉

As I said, take this info with a grain of salt. Sometimes we just have to get that big gift for the someone special in our life, retrogrades or not.

Venus is also the ruler of the love sign Libra. Will someone unexpectedly come back into your life? It’s certainly a possibility. Some reconnections are good. Others aren’t. RE-think those RE-connections.

Want to know more about Venus Rx? Zodiac Arts explains it all, with info specific to your sign:


Ruler of Taurus ~ Venus or Earth?

What’s your take on this?

The subject came up again in Diane L’s recent post Observations: Lovely Taurus Season is here! over at Libra Seeking Balance. She has a direct link in the comments section to Philip Sedgewick’s very interesting interpretations of Earth in your chart. Diane and I agree that Earth is the ruler.

[Note: the Earth is always directly opposite your Sun. If you’re a Sun sign Taurus, your Earth is in Scorpio; a Sun sign Capricorn has the Earth in Cancer.]

I’d love to know what you think, both pros and cons. Weigh in with a comment or just by voting in the poll below. It’s important as astrologers to explore our art, our science, so that we can make it the very best it can be. Who knows? You might even change my mind.😉

Check out the Venus/Earth debate on Donna Cunningham’s blog Sky Writer.

Truth Seeker 5 of Pentacles

Astrological Picture Book ~ 1st Decan Taurus and the 5 of Pentacles

There are two standard ways to read the minor arcana cards astrologically. One is by the decans, the three 10° divisions of each sign. The other is the Golden Dawn system, which assigns a planet in a sign to each of the minor cards. See Part 1 for reading reversed cards astrologically as retrogrades or eclipses. We can also read the cards based on their element and number. Plain pip cards work very well for this style of reading, which can be very intuitive.

Universal Tarot

Typically, the 5 of Pentacles shows people in what appears to be an extreme level of poverty. It’s also in complete opposition to the Taurus Hierophant who sits ostentatiously bethroned inside the cathedral. While the card depicts a destitute situation, we’re reminded to look inward for inspiration and non-physical rewards, as symbolized by the lighted windows.

Decans of Taurus and Minor Arcana Cards

  • 1st Decan ~ 0-9.59° 5 of Pentacles
  • 2nd Decan ~ 10-19.59° ~ 6 of Pentacles
  • 3rd Decan ~ 20-29.59° ~ 7 of Pentacles

5 of Pentacles ~ 1st decan Taurus

 This is the strongest Taurus energy in the zodiac. The first decan of Taurus (0-9.59°) is solely ruled by Taurus and Venus (or Earth, if you prefer), covering the approximate dates of April 21-30. With the pure Taurus energy of this card, there is definitely an emphasis on money, the material world, and our five physical senses. Continue reading

Universal Tarot Hierophant, Empress, and Queen of Pentacles

Astrological Picture Book ~ Cards of Taurus, The Major and Court Cards

Taurus belongs to the suit of Pentacles ~ the cards representing the earth element in the tarot ~ and relate to our work, money, status in the world, and any material or physical concerns that we have. When you draw the Taurus cards in a reading, see how they apply to the second house of your chart or the house with Taurus on the cusp.

The Taurus Cards

  • The Hierophant
  • The Empress
  • The Queen of Pentacles*
  • The 5, 6, and 7 of Pentacles

When reading cards from an astrological perspective, it’s good to keep a transit chart at hand. Reading in this way can offer confirmation of the energy of a transiting planet and bring ideas about the situation to mind that may otherwise have been overlooked. Mary Greer says, “Mythically, it suggests the presence of that God/dess messing around in one’s life.” (See her blog post on the triplicities here.)

There are two standard ways to read the minor arcana cards astrologically. One is through the decans, the three 10° divisions of each sign. The other is the Golden Dawn system, which assigns a planet in a sign to each of the minor cards. We’ll take a look at the minor cards in part 2 of this article. Continue reading

Taurus wordle

No Bull ~ It’s Taurus Time

It’s so easy to see Taurus in the southern springtime. It’s dense, easy, and lustily lush ~ with more shades of green in the tree canopies, grasses, and full-bodied palms than you can imagine. Taurus arrives with the star-shaped blooms and the sensuous scent of the Confederate Star Jasmine that drapes over arbors, fences, and swings ~ filling entire neighborhoods with a perfume that insists that we breathe deeply, fully.  Just as Taurus is morphing into Gemini, the jasmine blooms fade, sending their last sweet messages into the night air. Already, we’re dreaming of next year’s blossoms as we nap on screened-in porches and garden swings.

Jasmine is a flower of the Moon and, according to herbalist/magician Scott Cunningham, has the powers of love, money, and prophetic dreams. With those descriptive words, I’d venture to say that jasmine is a flower of the Moon in Taurus, at least in this small patch of earth during April and May. Is the Taurus Moon a prophetic Moon? Perhaps ~ if you are conjuring up a sensual lover and a romp through clover-laden fields. They just may have a little extra coin in their pocket, too. Continue reading

Full Moon in Taurus ~ There’s a Wiener on My Nose

I can resist. I can, I can, I can.

Taurus ~ Sensuous, animal appetite, hunger, longing.

Scorpio ~ Control, desire, detection, resistance.

Scorpio tempts us with all kinds of carnal delights and Taurus ~ the ultimate consumer, the hoarder apprentice ~ wants it very badly. The Full Taurus Moon ~ which insists that we bring some kind of balance to the I have/I Want axis of our charts ~ makes us crazy with this stuff, simultaneously luring us while slapping our fingers and tsk, tsk, tsking us. Is this a rude Full Moon or what?

Rude or not, the Taurus Full Moon does require us to get it together where there is some imbalance between lust and control in our lives. Our Taurus side has to come to terms with just how much is enough and how we control the desire for accumulation ~ whether that’s money, food, friends, shoes, whatever we covet.

Scorpio knows that it can have us by the scruff of the neck if it offers the perfectly enticing morsel. From there ~ if we can’t resist ~ it might be a downward spiral into Pluto’s world.

It takes practice to resist. Sometimes a trainer is required to get us past the hurdle of self-defeat when we give in to our desires. But with practice comes resolve and, eventually, we can rely on our own ability to resist. We just might need a little help in the beginning.

Like a lot of you reading this post, I struggle with my desire to eat. Food is a drug for me. Here’s what I’m telling myself to get a foothold and not plummet deeper into Pluto’s world of shame ~ If that little pooch can resist that wiener, surely I can resist that demonic bag of Cheetos that wants to live in my thighs. I admit the dog looks stressed, so I’ll prepare myself for that. I just have to decide which is the greater reward ~ Cheetos or less flesh. In the long run, maybe less flesh is better.

That may seem trivial, but food and weight (both of which are Taurus’ domain) are huge issues for lots of people. It’s not trivial if it affects how we think about ourselves. It’s not trivial if it affects how physically fit we are or if we allow it to sabotage our self-esteem. 

We all have deeper issues, too, unresolved, relentless, which aren’t trivial and Scorpio would prefer we not bring those up. Eventually, we might need to break Scorpio’s need for privacy about those, but only if the time is right.

During the last of our Scorpio days, how can you transform the reward that Taurus seeks ~ instant gratification for some driving urge ~ to one of enduring quality?

Lunar Home and Garden ~ Moon in Taurus, August 2-4

Monday brings us the Moon in Taurus to settle us down a bit from the feisty Leo/Aries energy of the weekend, then moves into Gemini on Wednesday afternoon so we’ll get off the sofa after the sumptuous Taurus days, and ends with Moon in Cancer and the arrival of Venus in Libra. 

Reclining Lady by Raimundo Madrazo

This is a luscious Moon week in many ways and, except for the Gemini influence midweek, is rather relaxed and settled. Taurus is the sign in which the Moon is exalted ~ meaning it finds an easy mode of expression here. Taurus tempers the emotionalism of the Moon, bringing a stabilizing effect. Not a bad promise, but let’s see if it can hold up with the general discontent in the air these days. Remember that great line from Field of Dreams ~ “if you build it, they will come.” Sometimes we actually have to work hard to relax because we’re so pent-up. Slow and easy is Taurus’ way. Efficiency allows more time for lazing. Build those moments for relaxation into your schedule if you have to.

In the Home… 

When Monday evening rolls around and that little voice in your head whines, I can’t even begin to think about what to cook for supper, stop thinking. This is your hall pass to walk through the kitchen, plop on the sofa, and pull out the delivery menus. If no one delivers in your neighborhood, plan a Continue reading