Venus Retrograde Shopping Alert

giftA quick note here. Take it with a grain of salt or ignore it altogether, but . . .

If you plan on making luxury purchases for Christmas, consider making those purchases before Venus turns retrograde on December 21st. There’s a good chance that luxury purchases made during the retrograde period won’t get used the way they should. No one wants to lay out a lot of money on a gift that doesn’t pan out.

I learned this lesson the hard way and have been mindful of it since. Just as Mercury Rx is taken more and more seriously by the general public, we need to do the same when our money is involved with VenusRx. Venus rules the money sign, Taurus the Bull, so when she does an about-face, things can get as wacky as MercRx days. It’s just that it’s your money, not your letters, that can go screwy.

Venus is retrograde through January 31, 2014, so don’t get pulled in by a savvy salesperson pushing a luxury item that goes on sale right after Christmas. Bide your time and sit on your money like a good bull. 😉

As I said, take this info with a grain of salt. Sometimes we just have to get that big gift for the someone special in our life, retrogrades or not.

Venus is also the ruler of the love sign Libra. Will someone unexpectedly come back into your life? It’s certainly a possibility. Some reconnections are good. Others aren’t. RE-think those RE-connections.

Want to know more about Venus Rx? Zodiac Arts explains it all, with info specific to your sign:

6 thoughts on “Venus Retrograde Shopping Alert

  1. thanks. this is the first time I ever saw someone explain venus retrograde.

    ps I am going on that Mexico painting junket. Thanks!

  2. We’re living in a time where disposable (think IKEA and anything electronic, including cell phones) has become the new norm. In our throw-away society, many of us have been conditioned to place a higher value on success, style, pleasure, convenience and/or affordability over integrity, quality, health and sustainability. Whether it’s furniture, technology, clothing, food or even people, we find it difficult to discern style over substance.

    During this season of consumerism, I’m hoping Venus retrograde in Capricorn will help us take a step back and reconsider what it is we really need and value, as well as the less obvious, long-term consequences of our choices. While leaving a comment on another blog this morning (about organic food choices), I happened to run across this NPR interview with Ellen Ruppel Shell, author of “Cheap: The High Cost of Discount Culture”:

    It all seems very fitting! Thanks and Happy Holidays, CJ.:)

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