Moon in Taurus, Nov 16-19

The Moon moves into Taurus in the late evening (ET) on Nov 16th and stays through the morning of Nov 19th. These are normally comfort days, but the Sun in Scorpio and a full moon/lunar eclipse bring some drama to the otherwise laid-back sign.

Some disclosure here: I have Moon in Taurus natally and usually have some testy, cranky days when the Moon is transiting Scorpio. It’s a full moon effect for me, but you may not have observed the same thing.

Aspects between the Moon and planets are all over the place creating a short period of ease alternating with stress and tension, culminating with the full moon/lunar eclipse. If you’re up for wacky, here it is. I’ve included a list with interpretations down below if you’re interested in how how they see-saw back and forth.

And…it’s a lunar eclipse.

Lunar eclipses take all those emotions you’ve got packed away and amplify them. You’re going to have to acknowledge and deal with them. This will be especially true if you have planets and points (like the ascendant or midheaven) in aspect to the eclipse. The eclipse/full moon is at 27° Taurus, so planets/points near that degree are prime to feel an impact from the eclipse. Effects of a lunar eclipse last about six months instead of the usual two-week period of a full moon.

A real clue to where you may find these swelling emotions is in the issues relating to the house the eclipse occupies in your natal chart. And Taurus is all about money and security, so that has the capacity to make the earth a little shaky for plenty of us. I hope that’s not an issue for you.

This is an eclipse that will last quite a while. says that it is the longest of the century. Its peak will last 3 hours, 28 minutes and 23 seconds. It will be visible from all of North America. Check for the best viewing times where you are.


Moon in Taurus Aspects

These aspects are calculated using Daywatch calendar software by Matrix. Available for personalization here.

16 Nov 09:18 pm EST Moon enters Taurus
The next couple of days can be solid launching ground for anything you choose to embark upon, especially if it’s down to earth to begin with. The time to be hasty or flighty has flown, the atmosphere favors practical beauty, the grace of being in touch with nature itself. Simplicity works, traditional fare is ever elegant.

17 Nov 1:20 pm EST Moon square Saturn
Sour grapes can be today’s flavor, and if you run into something that displeases, just drop it — don’t push it past the edge. People are feeling insecure, so avoid encouraging any negativity you encounter. New directions are not in order, as they won’t go far, so wait just a bit longer to start your engine.

17 Nov 7:39 pm EST Moon trine Venus

Knowing what you want and moving on to procure it is the opportunity of the day, and what you fall into now may be just the chance you’ve been waiting for. Sharing goals and deciding to mutually go for it will be the best of all possible worlds for everybody, with a minimum of conflict resulting later.

17 Nov 09:45 pm EST Moon conjunct Uranus
Unstable currents abound in the world’s affairs and sudden outbursts can be expected — be they temper fits, sudden annoyances, or cries of “Eureka!” Surprises that startle, realizations that turn you around, and new emotional experiments all are going on. Good for adventure, just keep your eye out.

17 Nov 10:21 pm EST Moon opposite Mars
Seesaw emotions with energies running high make for choppy waters today, so avoid hasty choices or impulse buying. If tempers flare, just don’t go there, spare yourself and others the hassle. Commitments made now will tend to partake of this atmosphere, so have the patience to wait a little before moving ahead.

18 Nov 2:14 pm EST Moon sextile Neptune
Words may convey a bit more emotional meaning than usual, as under-the-radar communication makes inner messages clear. Spiritual deeds are done without a second thought and life as usual has a certain glow. Filling out earlier-imagined schemes pays off and keeping good company comes with ease.

18 Nov 2:48 pm EST Moon opposite Mercury
What is said and what is felt may not at all be the same today, so watch out for inner contradictions coming from those around you. Putting pen to paper may mean a rewrite down the line, so be careful what you sign, and intentions and reality may not be on the same page. A better time for winding things up than diving in.

18 Nov 09:23 pm EST Moon square Jupiter
It’s easy for everyone to get too wound up in their feelings and you could find yourself chasing your tail in circles until you fall down. Even if you think you’ve got a big one on the hook, cut your line if it takes too long to reel him in. Diminishing returns can tire everyone out, turn hope to disappointment, so avoid them.

18 Nov 10:57 pm EST Moon trine Pluto
A sure confidence that all will be well, whatever happens, fills the air, and faith in yourself and others is exactly what will make that come true. A great day for starting things that require sustained confidence and follow-through. Mutual assurance breeds conviction and a platform for all to share.

19 Nov 03:58 am EST Full Moon in Taurus
This “Frost” Moon (aka Full Beaver Moon) makes the usual full Moon craziness turn into slow motion, and a lot of the action is happening beneath the surface, hidden from view. Like moles in the ground, everybody’s pursuing an agenda that may not be entirely clear but is clearly plowing up the vicinity. The challenge is to get all of it working for you and not against you and to keep your pace up even if it seems like you’re wading through molasses. Nevertheless, when all is said and done the scope of accomplishment available now is both large and long-lasting, directly proportionate to the extra labor involved making it all happen.

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  1. Whoa I have sun in Taurus at 29 degrees in the 10th house.
    Kind of freaking out here.

    1. Don’t freak out! Remember that lunar eclipses are primarily internal processes and because they are subconscious, we may not even be aware of them. You’ll know if they surface.

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