Transit Reports

PDF Format
Delivered via Email

Monthly Highlights
12 Months ~ $15.00

buy now smallThis report gives you the big picture for 12 months covering transits to natal planets, progressed to natal, arc to natal, and major transiting planet connections. You’ll see which aspects are within a 1° orb at the first of the month, followed by the major events of the month. Color bars help you quickly identify planets and transit duration. Report is approximately 50 pages, depending on planet activity. Printed in landscape for easy desktop viewing.

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Monthly Details ~ The Big One!
12 Months ~ $25.00

buy now smallThis longer report lists every hit to your natal chart for 12 months. This is a big report 225+ pages, printed in landscape for easy desktop viewing. Color bars help you quickly identify planets and transit duration.

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Transit Calendar
12 Months ~ $20.00

buy now small

I’d be lost without this calendar. I refer to it every single day. This is a more detailed version of the free lunar calendar I give away each month. That calendar doesn’t have your personal transits on it, though. This calendar includes daily transit listings, monthly ephemeris, lunation charts, and transit-to-transit and transit-to-natal aspect graph. Red (physical) and green (mental) days are noted for easy reference. 37 pages, 12 months.

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Ordering Your Reports

When I receive a notice from PayPal that you have placed an order, I will contact you for your birth information. If you order and don’t receive my email in a timely manner, be sure to check your junk mail folder. If there is nothing in your junk mail folder, PayPal has failed to contact me. Write to me from here (  )to let me know you’ve ordered. Once I have your birth info, I’ll run your report and send you a pdf copy within 24 hours.

Your current location is important to note so that I may calculate accurate transit times, and is absolutely critical for lunar transits.

This is the information I will ask you for before preparing your report.

  • Name you would like on the report
  • Birth Date (Month/Day/Year)
  • Birth Time (am/pm)
  • Birth Place (Town/State/Country)
  • Current Location (Town/State/Country)

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