Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Taurus: When is it Over?

On November 19, 2021, a Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse occurs at 3:58am ET and in the 27th degree of Taurus. Then what?

Lunar aspects are fleeting, lasting only a short period of time. It’s why lunar types are considered so moody, seemingly changing from one moment to the next. When you sense something is off with a lunar type and ask them what’s wrong, they may respond, “I don’t know.” They really don’t. They are under the influence of ephemeral forces.

If you think lunar types are hard to live with, try living as one.

So if lunar aspects are so fleeting, is it all over once the eclipse is finished? No. Lunar Eclipses are different. The effects of that moment of exactitude endure for a longer period of time. The general consensus is that effects last about six months. It doesn’t mean you’ll be feeling that Full Moon stress day in and day out. It’s more likely that you’ll see lunar eclipse effects evolve over that six month period. You may go a month without feeling anything, then ~ boom! ~ something pops up and you are fully immersed again. Then it evens out again.

Think of everyday fleeting lunar aspects as binge watching. In the 2.5 days the Moon transits any given zodiac sign, there are lots of aspects, lasting only a few hours each. You go through all of them and get the full impact quickly. We might call it binge-aspecting, LOL! However, lunar eclipse aspects are more like that period of time from the end of one season of a series and the time until the next season with new episodes arrives.

Here’s a vivid example using the Taurus concern with money. The eclipse arrives. Is your money going to all disappear or evaporate or be lost at the moment of the eclipse? Probably not. That would be pretty intense, and not likely.

And don’t forget that lunar eclipses relate to emotional responses and things that lie beneath the surface. Perhaps how you feel about money will undergo a transformation over the next six months.

Let’s go on to say that the Taurus lunar eclipse occurs in your 5th house of creativity. Maybe you’ll reconsider or your feelings will change about how much money you spend pursuing your creativity or how much you want to charge for your creative efforts or products.

It’s going to be different for everyone depending on how each person’s chart is individually affected. You may not be affected at all.

Think about how many eclipses ~ lunar and solar ~ you’ve lived through already. Is there one or two that stand out vividly? What planets, signs, and houses were also involved in those particular eclipses?

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