Happy Ever After Comes a Little at a Time

Bloggers have reports that let us see the search terms that bring readers to our blog. That’s what happened with the title of this post. To the anonymous person who typed happy ever after comes a little at a time into the Google search bar and wound up here at Auntie Moon, thank you.

It made me think how our charts unfold a little at a time ~ just like the happiness that unknown seeker was looking for. Minor transits bring little peaks and valleys, come and gone in a matter of days. Major transits take us by the shoulders, shake us, and ~ good or bad, squares or trines ~ can change our lives forever. Major or minor, both types of transits bring us closer to or farther from “happy ever after.”

Are you in a rough patch right now? Tough transits got you down?
Is something happening in your chart that makes you smile?

How is your transit chart helping you create happy ever after a little bit at a time?

7 thoughts on “Happy Ever After Comes a Little at a Time

  1. Hi, I’m having a rough transit – pluto conjunct sun square north node and square natal jupiter, south node and uranus. It’s a mighty overhaul of the soul and it’s hell. Bowel sugery without the anisthetic, all on view and with a full audience. Uranus is close to opposing natal uranus and I feel like I’m exploding – pluto transiting my capricorn eighth and jupiter transiting my aries twelfth makes me feel like I’m between heaven and hell, trying to get to Mordor by scaling the abyss. Great for my art work, but my nerves have brought me close to meltdown. I know it’s Transmutation with steel toe-caps and with a capricorn sun I don’t want to fail. It’s all subliminal cardinal square stuff, very behind the scenes and genuinely scary. No, I can’t fail, what would Frodo think?

    1. OMG, Jude. Yes, you are scaling the abyss for sure, but you are scaling it. I can’t begin to imagine the surgery you went through. It sounds as though you actually did explode. As trivial as this sounds, and it is by no means meant to be trivial, what doesn’t kill us

      With all you’ve been through, you are definitely a steel toe Capricorn, and I can tell by your resolve that you are not going to fail. It won’t happen. You’ve made it this far, and you’ll make it all the way through this extremely trying time.

  2. As soon as I saw this post, and Jude’s comment, I thought of the Donovan song,
    Cosmic Wheels – here it is on video from 1972.

    The Aries planets are in my 11th house of friends, groups & organizations and wish fulfillment. My moon is there in Aries. Lately, I am learning that my happiness is up to me. Thinking empowering thoughts is easier now. There is a spring freshness in my emotional life. I am also exploring new technology and working with cool CD’s to explore brain wave states like alpha, theta, delta and having lots of great synchronistic & telepathic events that I think the brain wave stuff (or Uranus in Aries) is helping create!

    Happy, happy, joy, joy! It’s up to me!

    1. Thanks so much for sharing that video, Dunnea Rae. How perfect! (I do love those ol’ hippie boys.) 🙂

      When I was dealing with the effects of the Fixed Cross a few years ago, I came to the same conclusion as you. I didn’t have to contend with physical problems like Jude, but everything else fell apart. I sought out all kinds of answers and realized that it really is a head game ~ how we respond to the things that happen to us can make or break us. When I changed my attitude, life got a lot better. I didn’t like it in The Void and I got myself out of it.

      You’re doing good things, and that makes me happy for you.

  3. Hi, CJ. The tough transit of Pluto opposite natal Jupiter is leaving me rather depressed, because Jupiter is the planet that does its best to believe in a happy ever after, while Pluto is the BS detector of planets. Since my Jupiter is in the same sign and degree as the Jupiter in the United States chart, what is saddening me is watching Congress at work, slashing funds for programs that help people.

    However, what your evocative post reminds me is that I’ve also got s0me great transits that I need to be working. The Aries stellium is sextiling my Gemini stellium and trining my Leo stellium, so I need to reclaim my fire and air energy to get going again..on writing, publishing, and teaching. So what I need to believe today is that I can reboot and get going again. Donna

    1. Yep, work the sextiles and trines. You inspired me to take a look at the sextiles and trines in my chart. The big boys Uranus and Pluto are at play, so whatever comes up should be helpful. Now, if we can just get past the lethargy of the trines, it really might start to flow.

  4. I am feeling a lot of pressure from this Libran Saturn – October 2009 was the real low point..from which I have climbed, slowly out of the pit it seems others put me in – I made it too easy for them to use me to get out of their troubles/problems and then wailed because I was left behind..definitely a case of ‘where do I go now I see clearly it is MY choice?’..boundaries, boundaries, boundaries..physical, mental and emotional..went a bit OTT during last summer and I have had to re-arrange a bit (but we Librans do like to swing back and forth till we find the perfect spot to ‘be’). Now my life has changed completely in a lot of respects..retirement, living in my own space with me, myself and I (and the dog!) it’s been easy to look back and say “well..if only I had seen that one coming..”, but my Aquarian Jupiter (2nd House) and Libran Venus (9th House) tell me it’s been a life worth living – so far…!!!

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