Tarot Spread for Aries

As Uranus perches at Aries’ door, all of us are facing new experiences. The placement of the rogue planet in the warrior/lover sign of Aries might be passionately bizarre or bizarrely passionate, oddly invigorating or invigoratingly odd. We won’t know till it’s over, but it’s sure to leave us wiser and with our eyes a bit more wide open.

Igraine of Tarot for Life and Fortuna’s Oracle has created a 5-card spread for Aries which she has graciously allowed me to pass on. It’s a great heads-up spread for this new time in our lives and is especially suitable for Uranus in Aries. Igraine tells us, “This is a new monthly spread thread that I spontaneously created to start off the Aries energy of beginnings, initiations and action. To us tarotists many of the keywords that are suitable for Aries are also suitable for The Fool so I used The Fool as a source of inspiration as well.”

Draw 5 cards:

  1. What passion might arise?
  2. How might I breathe life into it?
  3. Which direction should I face?
  4. When do I take the leap?
  5. Promise me something as inspiration to spur me onward!

It’s easy to see The Fool’s influence in this spread, especially in questions 2 and 4. I love the second question, “How might I breathe life into it?” Our precipice-perched Fool is associated astrologically with both Uranus and the element of Air, which is our breath. Uranus (The Fool) is certainly capable of bringing a deep inhale as his situations unfurl in our lives.

The Aries house of your natal chart is where Uranian experiences are most likely to occur during the next seven years. If you need a refresher on house meanings, click here.

Related Cards

Drawing one of the following cards during your reading is a hint to pay extra close attention to the Aries/Uranus influence.

  • Cards associated with Aries ~ The 2, 3, and 4 of Wands, The Emperor (Aries), The Tower (Mars), and the Ace of Wands (Fire).
  • Cards associated with Uranus ~ The Fool, the Aquarian 5, 6, and 7 of Swords cards, and the Star (Aquarius).
Sharman-Caselli Deck

Aries is on the cusp of my third house, so I did a reading this morning using Igraine’s Aries spread with this question in mind, “How might Uranus in Aries affect my third house?” I won’t bore you with the whole reading, but I will share the card I drew for Question 2 in the spread. In answer to how might I breathe life into it?, I drew the 2 of Swords.

This is the card associated with the first decan of Libra and exactly opposes the placement of Uranus in Aries at this time so I am reminded to bring balance between my third and ninth houses. Natally, I have the planet Saturn in this decan of Libra so the 2 of Swords is intrinsically linked to my chart. Using a wide 10° orb, Uranus is already opposing my natal Saturn and will bring up issues related to shaking up the old ways of doing things. (As Scarlett O’Hara said, “I won’t think about that today. I’ll think about it tomorrow.” But I’ll definitely think about it!)

Symbolically, I find this card is a call to take the blindfold off and see things as they really are. (Aries rules the eyes, btw.) It’s also a strong message to open the heart which is being covered by the two crossed swords. Opening the heart can always breathe new life into a relationship, a creative project, or anything that comes our way. This is also the card of Moon in Libra ~ the inner debate, sitting on the fence, indecision, and seeking happiness in companionship. If you have Saturn (or other planets) in the first 10° of Libra, the 2 of Swords is an excellent choice as a card of meditation.

And that’s just one card!

Try this spread for yourself and see what secrets the tarot can unveil for you during this pivotal time of Uranus in Aries. Feel free to share your reading here if you’d like to discuss it with others. You can get a free download of the astrological associations of the tarot by clicking here for decan associations and here for planets in signs.

About Igraine

“I am a professional Astrologer and Tarotist, as well as an accomplished writer and teacher. I am an Assistant Manager and volunteer on Tarot for Life where I act as a mentor for budding tarotists as well as designing curriculum and creating exercises and Daily Reflections for the site. I serve on the Board of Directors for The Astrological Society of Princeton, NJ. I am the founder of The Morrisville Metaphysical Society where I network with other metaphysical practitioners.”

Igraine is a contributor to The 2010 Witches Spell-A Day Almanac by Llewellyn Publications.

6 thoughts on “Tarot Spread for Aries

  1. Your 5 questions are spot on–they are precisely the questions I’m confronting right now. Got no answers, but I’ve sure got questions. I go for coffee and write in my pretty blank book, but as of now, no answers, just frustration. Donna

    1. Igraine hit the nail on head with the Aries spread questions. I don’t have any answers, either, but the tarot is a good tool to inspire and offer alternatives that we may not have thought of on our own. I bet that book of yours will be filled with answers and ideas in the next few months, Donna. You have no shortage of creativity.

  2. Thanks CJ..as usual ‘right on the button’..I have been tossing round ideas for new tarot spreads – had a long telephone discussion with a fellow devotee only last night..and today I read this to inspire me to explore a little deeper (Pluto Retro?)..will definitely give Igraine’s spread a whirl..time for questions and answers about ME! (Thank you oppo, Aries!!!).
    Penny x

  3. I wanted to let you know that Facebook blocked me from sharing a link to this timely post with a friend with that “abusive or spammy” filter. Grrrrrr!

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