A Moment of Zen with Aries

The Aries Moon in the first quarter phase is in a stressful square with the Capricorn Sun. These are two mighty forces. Will Capricorn take the lead while Aries feels the heat? That could put a little pressure on the Aries Moon.

Tarot Spread for Aries

As Uranus perches at Aries’ door, all of us are facing new experiences. The placement of the rogue planet in the warrior/lover sign of Aries might be passionately bizarre or bizarrely passionate, oddly invigorating or invigoratingly odd. We won’t know till it’s over, but it’s sure to leave us wiser and with our eyes a bit more wide open. Igraine of … More Tarot Spread for Aries

Hearts of Mars

You knew Mars was a lover, right? Here’s a collage of hearts on the planet Mars collected by the Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC) team and sent as a Valentine’s Day greeting in 2004. And you thought Mars was just a tough guy. 🙂 To read more about Mars ~ the lover, … More Hearts of Mars