What’s Shaking Your Vibes?

2018 is here and we’re all playing the role of Goldilocks as we adjust to the new vibes. Some feel too much, others too little, and some are just right.

The biggest energy shift for me is always the change of energy that comes with my Personal Year number. 2017 was a #1 year and it was easy to see “me, me, me” in the headlines every day. 2018 is a #2 year that emphasizes duality, partnership, and unions. There’s room for more than 1 in 2018.

Just as the universal energy changes here on planet Earth, it also changes for you personally. We’re all born with a Life Path energy that’s based on our birthday, just like our natal chart. Your Life Path energy is influenced by the universal energy which changes from year to year. It’s not unlike Jupiter aspecting your Sun in a different way each year until he’s been through his 12-year cycle, and then he repeats himself the next 12 years, and so on and on and on.

It’s easy to figure out your vibe for the year. Add the numbers of the month and day you were born to 2018 (or 2). If you were born in the month of February (#2) on the 13th day (4), your base number is 6. Add 2 (for 2018) to the 6 and you get 8.

Each number has a planet that it resonates with. 2018, being a #2 year, is associated with the Moon. It brings fluctuation and a desire for a partner. It’s dual in nature and that duality can move to partnership and union. If your Life Path is 1 which is focused on leadership and individuality, the 2 vibe may present some problems for you as you adjust to being in the background at times. If your Life Path is 6 which is focused on the group or clan, the 2 vibe of 2018 will take less adjustment.

The planets associated with the numbers 1-9 are:

  1. Sun, the Leader
  2. Moon, the Partner
  3. Jupiter, the Truth-Teller
  4. Saturn, the Master
  5. Mercury, the Adaptor
  6. Venus, the Artist and Lover
  7. Neptune and Uranus, Bringers of Light
  8. Mars, the Powerful
  9. Pluto, the Transformer

I’m in a #6 year, so Venus is the planet of the year for me. The emphasis is on relationships of all kinds, as well as artistic expression.

So, what’s shaking your vibes in 2018?

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