Ring Out the Old, Ring in the New 2018

The Moon is in Gemini for the rest of the year.  Through 3:11am (ET) on January 1st, to be exact.

It’s a great way to transition to 2018’s universal year number, which is 2. So we go out with the Twins Moon and begin next year under the influence of 2.

There’s something about that which I find comforting. After a year of too much me, me, me, it will be refreshing to turn attention to “you and me” and “us.”

Find some lighthearted moments with the Gemini Moon as the year draws to a close. Put a pair of something in plain view (champagne glasses, candlesticks, vases, cups, plants, anything) as a symbol of the transitioning energy.

Here’s an early Happy New Year and good wishes for 2018. Double that!

2 thoughts on “Ring Out the Old, Ring in the New 2018

  1. Being a Gemini Sun I feel comfortable mentioning the dark side of Gemini or the effect of Gemini on the immature soul. I have been looking at Gemini closely over the years and have found it connected with not only superficiality (which is commonly accepted) but also bigotry and perhaps even chauvanistic tendencies. Let me know if this resonates for you but I have found that Gemini’s domain opposite to Sagittarius means that less than generous/noble thoughts about others (non-virtuous superficial type-casting) can be created here. It is also connected with both gossiping (which is also commonly accepted) but also malicious and false libel/slander. Again, because Sagittarius is the home to truthfulness, Gemini is a source of the opposite for the undeveloped soul. Of course, we can choose whether to go with the higher and lighter side of any sign’s energies rather than take that energy into darker and lower expressions. But since Gemini is highlighted for the coming year, I thought we should bring a little Sagittarian (brutal) truth into the equation.

    1. I appreciate your thoughts on the dark side of Gemini and the differences with Sagittarius. I’ve never thought of Gemini as bigotry or chauvinism. I’ll think about that. The year begins with a Gemini Moon, which is also a very receptive Moon–lots of info coming in, naturally. I’ve always enjoyed Gemini’s free spirit, which it shares with Sagittarius. I don’t think the things you mentioned were so brutal. Sagittarius can lean toward exaggeration and that’s not always so truthful, either.

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