2012 ~ Mercury Takes the Helm


More Gemini Eclipses, Universal Year 5, Retrogrades

Throw away your pens and get out your pencils and erasers if you’re filling in your datebooks. As Dorothy says in the Wizard of Oz, “Things change so quickly here.” 2012 is poised to be a Mercurial year.

Universal Year Energy

2012 has a universal year energy of 5, ruled by Mercury. Since it can be a frenetic year, it’s easy to overindulge or overdo. #5 Years are more of the Gemini ilk than the Virgo ilk. Virgo is more in line with the 4 energy (hard work) or the 9 (service).

The basic themes for a #5 Mercurial year are:

  • Change
  • Freedom
  • Adapatation
  • Education
  • Travel

If you’re in a #5 Personal Cycle, you’ll find this to be a year full of last minute changes, so try to stay flexible with your plans and schedules. Learn which cycle you’re in with Personal Cycles for All Birthdays. It’s a free download that has the personal year cycles for everyone through 2023. If you like numerology, this is a great tool to keep on hand.


We had two eclipses in Gemini in 2011, the latest being the December 10th lunar eclipse. There are two more in Gemini in 2012:

  1. Solar eclipse on May 20 at 00°Gemini (intellectualism or superficiality)
  2. Lunar eclipse on November 28  at 06°Gemini (changeable, flexible and dramatic emotions)

    Taking the helm in 2012

The Solar eclipse occurs at the most Mercurial point of Gemini ~ in the Gemini decan and the Gemini dwad (I love that word!). That’s the strongest Gemini energy in the zodiac. It’s more than Gemini twins here. It’s triplets!

November’s Lunar eclipse is still in the Gemini decan, but in the Leo dwad, ruled by the Sun. Bernice Prill Grebner calls this the dwad of “Pleasurable or dramatic communication” in her fanatastic book, Decanates A Full View. I’d like to pre-register for “pleasurable,” please.  

If 00-06° Gemini marks an important point in your chart, look for issues related to the house that degree falls within or to the placement of planets in your chart that are impacted. Don’t forget midpoints.

If 00-06° Gemini isn’t an important point, you may not notice the eclipses at all. Checkpoint: Did you notice the last Gemini eclipses if they weren’t in close aspect in your chart? Work with your personal experience on eclipses.


Mercury is retrograde three times this year. If Mercury aspects any important planets or points during these periods, you’ll be entering a “think it over ” phase. You get to encounter an issue, think it over again during the retrograde period, and then move ahead again (with possible do-overs) when Mercury resumes forward motion. Retrogrades can be fantastic times for gaining clarity, so no freaking out allowed. Start planning ahead. (Heads Up: Mercury is Rx right before the tax deadline here in the US).

  • March 12-April 4
  • July 14-August 8
  • November 6-26

Mark your calendars for eclipse and Rx dates. Those you can put in ink. 😉


10 thoughts on “2012 ~ Mercury Takes the Helm

  1. You Mentioned Midpoints. My Gemini house (12th) is empty, so I’d like to check Midpoints out. Can you consider having a post about Midpoints and how they are figured. Does Astro.com have a chart for Midpoints? How are they read?
    You’re a great teacher – please think about a post for us.

    1. Yes, you can get a midpoint grid from http://www.astro.com. Here are the steps to getting the grid:

      Go the main page and enter your birth data if you haven’t already.
      Select Extended Chart Selection
      Select Pullen/Astrolog
      Select Aspect/Midpoint grid chart

      Midpoints are the halfway point between two planets. The midpoint grid will show the degree and sign for each planet pair. The Sun/Moon midpoint seems to be a sensitive one for me and it’s in an empty house.

  2. LOL A mercurial year makes sense to me…It is all doubletalk from politicians for most of this year!

  3. Yaaay! Give me an M..give me an E..oops..I LOVE Mercury..even when he is retrograde..oh bliss..bliss…thank you for putting a great big, soppy smile on my face, CJ xxxx

  4. Great post, thank you. I have been noticing pentagrams in nature, ie sand dollars, starfish and thinking about quintiles. Don’t really want to think about the pentagon, but it would likely be a good idea.

    1. Interesting, neptunetrinemoon. That kind of synchronicity can be affirming and comforting. I appreciate you pointing out the pentagon as a symbol of the 5. It’s nerve-wracking to think about now, but we can hold onto hope for good things to come.

  5. Wow! The solar eclipse at 0degrees Gemini will be conjunct my natal Saturn (and Pallas at 29Taurus) and my Ascendant (when using whole house… 8Gem when using Placidius). Looks to be a very interesting year!! Thank you for an insightful article!

    1. You’re welcome, Jen. I’d love to hear back about how all this works out for you. ~ cj

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