Patchouli ~ Essential Scent of Capricorn

Patchouli, one of my favorite scents, is most often associated with Capricorn. It’s rich, earthy, and robust. Its lush, deep aroma always satisfies my senses. Patchouli became the signature scent of hippies a long time ago, so it’s frozen in time for many people and has become somewhat passe’, but I never tire of it.

Standing the test of time is a Saturn trait and I’m sure that patchouli will come around again in a Uranian guise as a trendy scent. Everything old is new again at some point. That’s how Saturn defeats his nemesis, Uranus. Nothing stays new for long. It either fades away or becomes tried and true.

I acquired a patchouli plant from my favorite herb farm this past summer ~ their last one. I took explicit instructions on how to overwinter it since it’s not native to my zone. It’s been so warm this winter, though, that I haven’t had to worry about it. Here’s a pic of my beloved plant ~ in bloom! ~ in January.

If you have the plant, try scattering a few leaves throughout a book you’re reading for an aromatic surprise when you turn to its page.

I read a tip somewhere to steep a few patchouli leaves in some warm water to fill the air with its scent. That didn’t work for me. They started to smell like turnip greens cooking which, if you’ve ever gotten a whiff of that aromatic bomb, isn’t especially “enticing,” imho. If you’re steeping, I suggest bypassing the leaves and using the essential oil instead.

6 thoughts on “Patchouli ~ Essential Scent of Capricorn

  1. I smell patchouli & I’m a teen again..

    Astounding how ‘scents’ trigger memory

    I am looking for a good source for ‘real’ essential oils ??

    Input greatly appreciated

    My DES is Cappy !


    1. I think that scent memory is called “nose-stalgia” 🙂

      I’m looking for a quality source, too, Krista. Living in a small town has its limitations and ordering online can be intimidating. Although I just this moment thought of someone who might be an excellent resource to make a recommendation. I’ll check and let you know what I discover.

  2. Just as the garnet is one of my two favorite gems, I do love patchouli. Both Capricorn, and much loved by this Cancer with nothing in earth but Neptune. You’re right, they are both grounding in a pleasing way. I cannot do perfume or essential oils, as they bother my lungs, but I am forever looking for shower gels with patchouli. Donna Cunningham

    1. I love a variety of gels and washes in my shower. Being a crab, my scent mood changes as much as any other mood. And my Taurus moon loves to indulge, naturally. There’s only so much room to keep the bottles on my shower shelves, though, so I came up with this idea. I purchased a a big bottle of Dr. Brunner’s unscented pure castille liquid soap and a bunch of those little travel bottles. I put some of the Dr. Brunner’s in each bottle and added a little essential oil to each one. Some one pure scents. (The patchouli is amazing.) Some are my own blends of several oils. Voila! My own scent shop. The soap was a little cloudy right after I added the oil and I thought I’d ruined them, but it cleared up really quickly. I love the different colors of the bottles and the variety of scents to choose from every day. Tres aromatic!

  3. Being a Virgo, I am particularly fond of Patchouli. My other favorite scent is Sandalwood. Some other scents that Capricorn might like are Amber, Frankincense, and Myrrh. Also, Carnation, and Violet.

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