Sagittarius ~ Aspiration!!!

I wanted to share this uplifting piece by Kathleen Lamoureux with you because it’s such an inspirational Sagittarian message. Kathleen is an intuitive life coach, numerologist and Co-Editor (along with very lucky me) of the Numerology, Intuition and Symbols community of All Things Healing, an expansive and beautifully designed site dedicated to all things healing to the body, mind, … More Sagittarius ~ Aspiration!!!

Sagittarius ~ Philosophers and Wise Guys

Philosophers and Wise Guys ~ I have to admit I love ’em!

They make you think, try to get you to see beyond a limited perspective. They make some people nuts and turn others into acolytes and sycophants. Be very wary of falling into that role. I want to think it was Joseph Campbell who said something to the effect of when you look at the picture of the guru in your locket, it should be a picture of you. That’s not the quote, but it’s the gist of what I remember. If you can set me straight on the quote, I would sure appreciate it.
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