New Moon in Sagittarius ~ Scavenger Hunt for Joy

Step outside early tomorrow morning and you’ll find the New Moon in Sagittarius waiting on your doorstep all tied up in holiday ribbons. Who else but The Fat Man ~ that jolly ol’ Jupiter, the Santa of the Sky ~ would make sure every single one of us got such a glorious and personal gift?

But, “Hey!,” you say. “I don’t see nuttin’. No one can see a New Moon!” Does this mean you’ll be singing, “I’m Gettin’ Nuttin’ for Christmas?”  Well, just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. As Antoine de Saint Exupéry’s Little Prince reminded us, “What is essential is invisible to the eye.”

Here’s what you know about the current astrological picture.

  • We’re in a waning Sagittarius.
  • Uranus just had a great idea and is moving forward on it. Jupiter’s poking him in the ribs and laughing.
  • Saturn is having a May-December affair at Libra’s house.
  • Mars is pooped and pulling over at the nearest rest stop.
  • Ol’ Sol just hit the Solstice snooze button for the last time and has put the percolator on.
  • Pluto is at Capricorn’s house waiting on the Sun and Venus to arrive for their little party. He’s got some big plans he wants to disclose.
  • Mercury is coming, too, and can’t wait to kick off those speedy winged sandals for a while. It’s been long year. He just doesn’t want to think about it anymore.
  • Luna is planning to crash that party with a Blue Moon.
  • Neptune won’t make it. He’s still up to hijinks in Aquarius’ lab.

And we get to ring in the New Year’ with all this ~ and more ~ going on!

Plop, plop, fizz, fizz ~ oh, what a relief it is to have a few hours of down time to sort it all out. That’s what’s inside that gorgeous box that will be waiting on your doorstep. “”For ME?” Yep, for you. Rip it open! Let the paper fly!

Oh, but first you have to read the card. “Oh, good grief! Okay, I’ll read the card. ”

“You’re invited to a scavenger hunt.
Where’s the joy?”

“Oh, come on! You’re kidding, right? I’m pooped. I don’t want to go on a stinkin’ scavenger hunt! ‘Where’s the joy?’ WTF does that mean?! What are you, anyway? Some kind of a wise guy?”

Wait. It’s really not so bad. The Bringer of Jollity just wants you to kick back for a while, have a little nog, and spend a few minutes thinking about where you’ve been this year and daydreaming a bit about where you’d love to go. He’s not asking you for resolutions. He’s asking you for understanding ~ a few minutes to discover what’s really in that box you just opened ~ the best gift you’ve had in years.

Take another look. Now what do you see? Pull back a few more layers of tissue paper. Ah, yes. There it is. The happiest moment of your year, maybe the happiest moment of your whole life. Joyful memory. A gift from Jupiter and the Moon.

Pull it out.

Enjoy it again and again.

Now doesn’t that make you happy?

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