A Season of Lights ~ Bringing the Solstice Inside

The holiday season is always so beautiful. We have Christmas lights, the warm glow of the Hanukkah menorah, and single candles in windows lighting the way home for all those who have wandered afar. We do this in anticipation of the Solstice and the return of the light ~ the outer light that leads us toward the quickening of Spring and a freshening of the earth, and the inner light that fills us with anticipation and hope for a new tomorrow.

It has always been about the light for me, as it has for many I suppose. I am one of those people who is prone to the blues when the light starts to fade. Candles brighten my spirit and put me at ease. It seems there’s always a candle burning somewhere in my house, even during the day. The gentle scent embraces me as I walk from room to room and it comforts me to know that I am, indeed, at home.

Guest Blogger Kachina Houska at Into the Mystic has written a lovely post on candles and the astrological associations of each Moon sign. Don’t just skip ahead to your own Moon sign, though. Each candle is for you because you contain every sign. Savor every lush description and have some candles on hand for each of the elements and Moon signs, especially for New Moons. You might want to try combining the candles of two opposing signs during Full Moons.

If you can’t participate in a Solstice celebration, you can bring the Solstice inside. Let the light of your favorite candles and scents remind you how lucky we are to be on such a glorious and awesome Earth, and that ~ even in the darkest days ~ we can be assured that yes, indeed, the light will always return.

Fill Your Home with Mood Enhancing
Scents by Moon Sign and Element

Having recently adjusted our clocks back to standard time and with the Saturn square Pluto now in full swing, this past week I have begun my ritual of early evening candle lighting and infusing my home with mood-enhancing scents to scatter the shadows and ward off low moods.

This has been a regular practice for me since first setting up my own household in my teens. As the nights grow longer and the temperatures dip rapidly at sunset, I find myself looking to nest by creating an atmosphere of warmth and contentment.

Our internal world and external world are more closely related then many realize. One directly affects the other.

This is especially true and of notice if you happen to have the Moon, located within a permeable sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), or taking up residence in a natural house ruled by a permeable sign (4th, 8th or 12th houses).

With Saturn square Pluto remaining in effect throughout the autumn and winter seasons, preparing yourself and environment with not only relaxation essentials, but also natural mood-boosters, is a worthwhile endeavor in my opinion.

Pamper thyself, is where it is at now. Do this first, and you will be better equipped to offer support and comfort, if necessary, to others in your life.

Remember, if your inner world is not feeling all that wonderful, by surrounding yourself in your idea of external wonderful, it will help tremendously to shift your inner world. The same is true in reverse. As within, so without.

Here are some suggestions based upon your Moon sign and it’s element, that you may wish to consider for creating harmony between your ideal inner mood and outer world, and giving your self an au-natural Moon(mood)Boost!

** Please note: The suggested scents are recommended ONLY for use as a household scent or visual display. I do not recommend using any of these listed internally or on the skin. If you wish to use these in another manner than for scenting your home and creating visual appeal, please DO educate yourself first on the proper usage and safety advisements. Thank you!

Moon In Fire: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

Your preferred medium for rejuvenating with scents is likely by filling your home with scented candles and/or by adding a bit of incense into the fire burning in your fireplace.

These scents would compliment your natural Moon/mood nicely and applying your sign color to your candle choices would also be beneficial:

ARIES: Your colors are reds and your temperament is passionate. Your fiery inner passion is well-matched with scents such as Clove, Ginger, Cinnamon and Dragon’s Blood.

LEO: Your colors are golds and you love shining brightly. Bring forth the warmth and light of your inner world with Cinnamon, Orange, Frankincense and Myrrh.

SAGITTARIUS: Your colors are deep purples and blues and the fire of your inner world is one of a burning honesty. To achieve your balance, think Hyssop “Holy Fire”, Nutmeg and Clove and Sandalwood.

Moon In Air: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

Your preferred medium for enjoying scents is likely to be through filling the air of your home by diffusing scents. Aromatic rings placed around the bulbs of your table lamps, ornamental sachets strategically hung throughout your home, and incense or warming oils all appeal to your senses.

These scents would harmonize your internal/external nicely and applying your color to your choice of sachets or incense burners is beneficial too:

GEMINI: Your colors are yellow and orange and your inner nature is often witty, yet rational. Your inner self craves diversity, think Lemongrass, Bergamot, Peppermint and Snapdragon.

LIBRA: Your colors are soft, such as ivory, and pastel pink and blue’s and your inner world is always relishing beauty and harmony. Bring forth balance in your environment with White Rose, Eucalyptus, Mint and Chamomile.

AQUARIUS: Your colors are aqua’s and silvers and your inner temperament is cool and collected. To create an external balance to your inner nature think Star Anise, Patchouli, Lavender and Peppermint.

Moon in Earth: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

Your preferred medium for filling your home with scents is likely to be through the use of scented crystals, simmering potpourri and natural’s such as scented pine cones suit you very well.

Try applying your colors to your naturals before scenting, by dusting with a touch of glitter after spraying lightly with a craft adhesive. Also, creating an arrangement of scented crystals mixed in a lovely terra cotta bowl with naturals, may appeal to your earthy nature.

TAURUS: Your colors are vibrant greens and rich browns and your inner flavor’s are desirous of stability and sensuality. Bring forth your inner qualities by utilizing Myrtle, Rose, Jasmine and Patchouli.

VIRGO: Your colors are deep blue’s and brown’s and your inner nuturance tends towards practicality and objectivity. Surround yourself in self-pampering scents and colors with Clary Sage, Madonna Lily, Rosemary and Frankincense.

CAPRICORN: Your colors are browns and most deep colors including black and your inner nature is one of reserve and steadiness. To feel nestled in the comfort of your nature try Myrrh, Musk, Honeysuckle and Rosemary.

Moon in Water: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

Your preferred medium for bringing the pleasure of scents forth in your home is likely through potpourri simmered in electric pots, on your stove-top or woodstove. If you have a small, decorative, cascading waterfall you may wish to place a few drops of scent into the water reservoir for circulation. Floating candles may also be of appeal.

You may also wish to consider combining your color and scent in a lovely glass bowl filled with water for a fresh, simple way to lightly fill a room with your qualities.

CANCER: Your colors are silvers and whites and your inner nature is one of deep sensitivity. To bring forth your shimmering lunar nature think Water Lily, Chamomile, White Rose and Myrrh.

SCORPIO: Your colors are dark reds or purples and black and your nature is intensely passionate. To bring your powerful nature into your surroundings think Orchid, Hyacinth, Pennyroyal and Tuberose.

PISCES: Your colors are pale blue’s and greens and you are of a sympathetic nature and quite possibly empathic. To keep your moods flowing and smooth try Gardenia, Vanilla, Magnolia and most anything labeled “Ocean” scents.

Let your imagination flow and have fun allowing your Moon to create an atmosphere to negate any blue moods setting in due to the onset of Winter or any challenging situations or transits you may be in the midst of.

Come up with something creative and effective utilizing your Moon for a guideline for a Mood Lift?? I would love to hear about it! ~Kachina


Kachina Houska is a practicing spiritual medium and energies worker/healer, an aspiring writer, and a pupil and practitioner of astrology. She offers her insights from the foundation of her own life challenges and achievements and from the experiences of others. You can read the original article here.

3 thoughts on “A Season of Lights ~ Bringing the Solstice Inside

  1. I love spices, and giving the most of all – (Pisces Moon is highest on my wheel, in 9H)
    I make chocolate chip cookies, for gift baskets most years, with Dark chips,cranberries, walnuts, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, mace, allspice, and ginger and only brown sugar – no white.

    The lights come in on the faces of those who get the cookies!

  2. “The lights come in on the faces of those who get the cookies!”

    Now that’s bringing the Solstice inside, EJ!

  3. ’tis the season

    As we strive through painful cold, treacherous dark,
    dodging danger, palpitating heart,
    anxiety our stark true friend
    Dream of this season’s end in joyful meeting,
    reunion, reward.
    Dream loving happy family, aglow
    in warming fire, festive lighted tree.
    Pocket snapshot from a gentler age,
    we ache to reclaim.
    Raise high the revelry of feast
    and frolic, space for sacred play,
    miraculous day to carry like inspiring song,
    a beacon through the storms
    yet to rage.
    Live this vision
    embracing grace.


    Essence, scent memory
    cinnamon, pine, family
    wafting incense
    fragrant air
    redolent of antiquity’s winds.

    Trailing magick’s mountain meadow
    Hard, sharp, cragged, creviced
    Exquisitely strong, enduring, scarred,
    mending, calloused, engaging
    Fingertips, skin, caress manifest existence.

    Rippling bells, liquid voices drip
    replenishing wine. Listen.
    Reverberate back to the tribal pool.
    Dancing drum beats, symphonic raining rivers.
    Rise and quaff the choir’s song.

    In ritual visualize the distant dawn.
    Hearths to unseen worlds fade before Sol’s majesty.
    Incandescent homunculus eyes opening to flame,
    krinkling sparks, glowing.
    Powerful torches burn through dark imagery.

    Revel in flavor, mythic piquancy.
    Peppery heat, sour sorrows, exotic ebullient stew.
    Wisps of buttery dreams, savory bliss,
    divine delicacies,
    bittersweet ecstasy.

    peace, love, fulfillment

    December 2009

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