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Astrological Picture Book ~ 1st Decan Sagittarius

Happy Birthday to all Centaurs with your Sun between 0 - 9.59° Sagittarius. Your birthday falls between  November 21-December 1, depending on the year you were born. Being born in the first decan (the first ten degrees) of Sagittarius, your Sun is in the Sagittarius decan, giving Jupiter sole rulership of your zone of the zodiac.… Continue reading Astrological Picture Book ~ 1st Decan Sagittarius

09-Sagittarius and Jupiter, Full Moon, Sagittarius, Sagittarius and Jupiter

Moon into Sagittarius, Full on June 9

Moon in Sagittarius, June 7, 7:01pm - June 10, 7:37am EDT. Full Moon at 9:11am, June 9th. I think I need to start this post by explaining the pic I chose for Sagittarius. Sagittarius is most often depicted as the truth-seeking philosopher priest of the zodiac, and he is. He definitely is. But he's also… Continue reading Moon into Sagittarius, Full on June 9

09-Sagittarius and Jupiter, Sagittarius, Sagittarius and Jupiter

Turquoise, Stone of Sagittarius

From my home and garden site: Lunar Home and Garden There's a New Moon in Sagittarius today which made me think to wear my turquoise earrings. Turquoise is considered a star stone of Sagittarius, with topaz more commonly recognized as the birthstone of November.  Whether you're a November or December born Sagittarian, this is your… Continue reading Turquoise, Stone of Sagittarius