Turquoise, Stone of Sagittarius

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There’s a New Moon in Sagittarius today which made me think to wear my turquoise earrings. Turquoise is considered a star stone of Sagittarius, with topaz more commonly recognized as the birthstone of November.  Whether you’re a November or December born Sagittarian, this is your stone.

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11 thoughts on “Turquoise, Stone of Sagittarius

  1. The Apache did after all use turquoise as a talisman with the silver and smithing skills given by the Spanish in the C15, to ward off broken bones from falls from horseback. I believe that other tribes, in the plains, believed too, that turquoise was a protector against broken bones.

  2. The irony of all this is my birthday is the 28th of November. My “birthstone” was Topaz, which i never really liked. a yellow stone? ugh! well, I LOVE Turquoise. Once I learned that Topaz was for those scorpions and turquoise was for us sagittarians, I was much happier.

    1. That’s great, mimi!! Serendipity strikes again! Turquoise is a fantastic stone, and one of my favorite colors, too. I’m wearing my Turquoise ring right now, holding on to those good vibes.

    1. Turquoise is the birthstone of December and December born Capricorns, as well as Sagittarians. The garnet is the birthstone for January born Capricorns. Zircon is another birthstone for December, but I think its healing qualities align nicely with Capricorn: strengthens the mind, increases self-esteem and emotional balance and aids sleep. A good stone for worriers. Obsidian is a beautiful black protective stone that I associate with Capricorn.

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