The Uncanny Timeliness of Email ~ Gemini/Sagittarius

Do you know about Plinky Prompts? Every day a new question is published and anyone can answer. Frequently the prompts are intensely aligned to the current astro weather. I got these in my email today.

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The first question is total Sadge and the second is all Gemini. They’re both great questions, especially in light of our current eclipses. The prompts are also great for writers (Gemini/3rd house emphasis).

If I had two free plane tickets, I’d go to Scotland ~ Edinburgh. It’s one of those places that feels like it’s from another lifetime. That, or maybe an Alaskan cruise.

There aren’t many attractions here in my small town of “Hooterville,” but there’s a little museum I’ve yet to visit. It has a confederate bullet and an old shoe. I guess I should go.

Where would you go?

As our world gets smaller, there’s some confusion about what represents a long Journey (9th house) and a short journey (3rd house). Since cars are associated with the 3rd, I think of any trip that can be completed within a day by car a short trip. If you need something faster than a car, or can’t be home to sleep in your own  bed, that’s a long journey.

What do you think?

9 thoughts on “The Uncanny Timeliness of Email ~ Gemini/Sagittarius

  1. I agree. Trips in the car, or even by trai, are the 3rd and longer trips by air of boat (liner) the 9th. Although I have seen horoscopes for others I know, saying there will be travel in the 9th and yet they go on, or are planning, smaller either local by car trips, or fly within the country trips. So maybe your guess is as good as mine.

    1. Yes, by train can be an easy day trip. And you don’t have to be home by bedtime, but you can be.

  2. Hi cj –

    Good topic! I’m not sure but have wondered for a while now if this might be relative, or maybe even a cultural thing. A lot seems to depend on accessibility as to how small (or large) we perceive our world to be.

    I’m probably not the best (or at least not the most *extreme*) example, but since I don’t drive, I think of short trips as those contained within my home town or its surrounding areas – where I can either walk, call a cab or take local public transportation, and as you say still make it back home by bedtime. A long trip for me involves going anyplace where I need additional resources or am dependent on others to get around in unfamiliar territory.

    Most of my 9th house journeys are more philosophical than literal (retrograde Gemini Mars in the 9th; Jupiter in the 3rd), but if I could travel anywhere relatively easily, I think I’d enjoy a cross-country road trip, or maybe a trip to the mountains when the temperatures warm up (Taurus on the cusp of my 9th).

    1. Hahaha – talk about synchronicity, right as I was posting my comment an email arrived offering me the chance to win a free trip to London! I don’t recall ever receiving an email like that before.

    2. Accessibility would have a lot to do with it, LB. Your example of having to engage others makes a lot of sense to me. (Frankly, day trips are becoming long journeys to me these days.)

  3. good grief, my company has banned plinky prompts. I guess I can’t check out their website.

  4. I look at it in time – a short distance but a long time is a long journey! A long distance but short time = a short journey! Confusing yet understood when you look at airline workers or, those who arrive on a foreign shore to promote an upcoming appearance months down the track – travelling a long distance but only staying a short time…
    Enjoy Christmas everyone

    1. Thanks, Tom. I’ve had a few recent day trips that seemed eternal. I couldn’t get home fast enough.

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