December 10, 2011 Lunar Eclipse

This Saturday we’ll be treated to a total lunar eclipse. The eclipse is at 18° Gemini, the Libra decan (10-20°) and the Capricorn dwad (17½-20°), so take a look at how the eclipse aspects Venus and Saturn in your chart.

If you have planets or points at 18° Gemini or within a tight orb, you’re more likely to feel some effects from the eclipse than if the eclipse aspects nothing in your chart. Pay close attention to the house issues associated with the Gemini/Sagittarius axis in your chart whether there are aspects or not.

The Gemini/Sagittarius eclipse asks “What do you think you’ve learned and what can you teach others?” Whatever it is, it needs to be done persuasively (Libra decan) and to produce results (Capricorn dwad). To do it authoritatively or in a demanding way is the wrong approach. No I told you so’s with these teachings. We want to be content with the results we achieve because we’ll be living with them for a long time.

Have issues already popped up for you?

If the eclipse is viewable from your area, do try to sneak a peek. It promises to be a red moon. That’s not the same as a Blood Moon which is an alternate name for October’s Hunter Moon. has great tips on watching the eclipse. If you aren’t able to see it from your part of the world, here’s a demonstration of what it will look like to the lucky ones who will get to see it.

30 thoughts on “December 10, 2011 Lunar Eclipse

  1. strangely, that’s my second house, gemini. My husband is in the hospital (recovering now!!!) but the discovery for me is how much more money i have when he’s not out and about spending it!! even on reduced incomes, I am saving A LOT~!!!!

    1. LOL! That’s a great way to look at it, mimi. I’m assuming you’ve got great insurance (8th house balancing the 2nd) to cover that massive bill. My best to you and him. xo

  2. I have been grappling with Saturn big time again..and funnily enough the one person who has made me laugh and cry and just been there through it all with some crazy (but sensible too?) ideas is my lovely ‘So Gemini She Has to Be a Gemini’ friend! Ascendant is Saggy..yep, I’ve learned oodles lately..bring on 2012! I have my head, but they are still plans!!!

    Lovely video..thank you, cj xxxx

    1. Hasn’t Saturn been rude lately? Rude, but accomplishing. Glad you liked the video. I’ll miss the eclipse, so it’s nice to get an idea of what will happen.

  3. My house of Gemini is an empty 12th. How do we read empty houses, go to the house with Mercury in it? and see what’s there instead?

    1. Yes, because Mercury is the house ruler of your 12th. If the eclipse aspects your Mercury, you should take a closer look at what’s happening, including all of Mercury’s aspects. If the eclipse doesn’t contact your Mercury, don’t overthink it. What I’ve found with eclipses is that, unless they’re contacting a planet or point, they don’t have much effect in my life. I treat them like a regular Full Moon in that case. For your 12th house Gemini, look to the 6th/12th axis (service). Balance is the focal point for the Full Moon period–two weeks.

  4. Well, CJ, it seems that the eclipse will be exactly opposite my Sag moon at 18 degrees in my 6th house. I certainly hope that this will mean a breakthrough in the health problem I have had for over a year and can’t seem to get fixed…no matter how many Dr visits I make. It is driving me nuts, so I am banking on this being the end of it or at least someone figuring out how to fix me. LOL

    Hope it isn’t just about how I can teach others to avoid what is happening to me as I want myself fixed too. So now I am looking forward to this eclipse!

    This is funny…just as I was set to hit reply my phone rang with an appt for Monday with another Dr. Let’s hope he has some ideas. Crossing my fingers.

    1. My fingers are crossed and my thoughts and prayers are with you, Susie.

  5. Nice video, i”ll be joining a public watch for the first time, yay i can not wait to see it… the eclipse is happening in my 4/5 house – it is right on the cusp, so i will be reading it for both houses, the only exact aspect it makes is opposition Neptune, a conjunction to Venus in Gemini (its a 2 degree orb, so i do not know if it counts) and exact trine Pluto in Libra. I hope something good happens, lately it has just been very eerly quit, sort of calm before the storm.

    1. Hi, Lily.

      2 degrees is definitely within orb, so your Venus conjunction is included. This is a busy eclipse for you. I hope something wonderful comes your way; you’ll definitely have something to focus on.

      Have fun during the watch. I haven’t been to one of those in ages. Everyone was so excited. 🙂

  6. Hi cj! thanks for the post. from what i can gather, this could possibly be a busy weekend for me. and i hope it’s positive! don’t know if it’s due to the change in diet i’m adapting to (more raw greens, juices, salads, no meat, etc) or something else but what i’ve experienced so far is that my energy is through the roof!

    my 1st house is in gemini and according to the moon will be conjunct my ascendant friday (tomorrow) morning. opposing (?) the eclipse on saturday is my venus in the 7th house at 21 sagittarius, along with mercury at 10 and mars at 20 degrees. also transiting mercury is conjunct my natal mercury. my natal moon is in the 10th house, 13 degrees aquarius, and natal saturn 17 degrees aquarius.

    i’m hoping that the eclipse effects on saturn combined with uranus turning direct on friday brings about the results and breakthrough i’ve been working toward in my artistic career. i do have a promising meeting planned this weekend that will, if all goes well, put me on the path of seeing my dreams come true. i love the idea of utilizing persuasion to get everyone on board and making it worth everyone’s while rather than being demanding – and its much more fun! that is definitely something that i am learning about and appreciating more and more. i’m also getting the hang of being myself while i am in partnership — an issue that i have struggled with in the past. i sense it has something to do with self-acceptance/love. in terms of the houses, does that sound like the right track?

    actually, when i look at this gemini moon (at least on fri, not sure what will be going on sat) is conjunct AC, squaring uranus, squaring chiron, trine MC, trine moon, sextile jupiter and square pluto. that’s quite a bit of activity! any thoughts/comments you have, cj (or anyone else) are more than welcome. thanks again for the post and inspiring video. namaste ~mf

    1. Whew! That is a lot of activity, marie-francoise. It’s good you’re feeling energized these days. Moon on the ascendant can make it hard to hide our feelings, so keep it real but within bounds. It’s a me/you balance in the 1st/7th houses so persuasion really counts, but do keep it real. I wish you the very best with your weekend meeting. It’s certainly a thrill to see our dreams start to come true.

      1. hi again. thanks for your reply. yes it is certainly my goal and intention to be authentic as possible while keeping in mind my wants/needs and those of the larger group so we can all work together productively.

        well the eclipse is starting a little early (unsurprising i suppose with all the activity). my father passed today. its kind of a complicated situation, as he was my foster-father, but he raised me nonetheless. i had decided not to go but i guess i’ll be making a trip to the midwest after all this winter.

        these last few months have been quite intense with all kinds of ‘deaths’ occurring. this has certainly been the season of ‘letting go’….

  7. Where the heck have you been? I’ve had massive planetary upheaval (Mercury has been chewing on me like a cow chews it’s cud), there’s an 89-year old, left-handed Scorpio who’s driving me nuts, and I don’t eat right. What time is dinner and what are you serving?

    1. I was on a brief hiatus, Dave, but couldn’t resist saying a little something about the eclipse. Sorry to hear that Merc has been working on you. Maybe the load will lessen when Merc goes direct on the 15th.

  8. Any thoughts on the Nov 25 solar eclipse? That one fell right on my midheaven, which is at 1 degree 36 Sag.

    1. Think of solar eclipses as having a year’s duration, Carol. Since it’s on the MC, look for events in both your public and private life (the IC). If your Asc/DC axis is within orb, that results in a grand cross, so everything gets “hit.” I’d love to hear back on what types of things pop up for your during the coming year.

  9. I am trying to remember if a Lunar Eclipse is like viewing an entire Lunar Cycle backwards ? Or is just a whole 28 days in a night ? I am at a loss.

    I must say that Today brought the end to a very nasty legal matter for my Second Son (A Libran, like Me). He was found Not Guilty so we are greatly relieved. He had a bad car wreck on 8/29
    (Post-Hurricane) and was Arrested of all things for a DUI at 11 in the morning. It took a lot of faith and Prayer (Witches do pray) and the services of a Great Defense attorney to get him cleared.

    Sometimes, an accident is just an accident. Now I have to go back and rethink all the times I have held grudges and resentments because of an accident. How the stars Teach Us!

    So this was as Saturn as a Concrete Median. Son almost dropped out of College (he is a Senior) and has a bad case of Post Concussion Syndrome. We are hoping that Uranus going Direct will help with that. All these 18 degree eclipses are sorta taking their toll on the family. Naturally, he was Acquitted just as Saturn trined his MH….

    Long post to say, nice to See you Auntie. Here is hoping that everyone see’s some improvement soon.

    Oh and this son was born on the day of the Oakland Earthquake… nasty Cap Stellium in the 4th opposed by Jupiter in the 10th… So Pluto had a role too ! Someday I will figure out why my family experiences transits ahead of perfection. That puzzles me too.


    1. It’s backwards in the video. It gives us a chance to see the lunar cycle in the opposite hemisphere 🙂 I remember that Earthquake very well. I was watching the game on tv and everything just went away. You’re so right ~ the stars do teach us.

  10. Hi CJ! Would love some insight on this Lunar Eclipse! The moon will be 1 degree off my natal Mars in my 5th house. Also my transiting north node is conjunct my natal neptune in the 11th house. Last couple of weeks I’ve had people interested in my art and wanting to sell it for me.

    1. I’d expect increased activity if the eclipse hit my Mars! Creative energy sounds fantastic. Have you downloaded the activities for each house in the top menu? That might give you more even more ideas about the 5th.

  11. Whoa. There’s a lot of activity going on in my chart as well as my boyfriend’s. The Nov 25th eclipse was conjunct my descendant and this eclipse falls smack dab in the middle of my 1st/7th houses and conjuncts my natal north/south nodes. Should I be worried about this? In the past several months (since the end August) we have been having some problems in our relationship. Last weekend we had a wonderful talk and both decided that we do want to be with one another. I’ve been told that when the eclipse fall on your nodes that they effect your relationships and doubly if they fall on the 1st/7th axis. Is there any advice you could give me? I’ve been dreading the Nov and this months eclipse since October. I’m nervous about what it may bring or take away from me…

    1. We have a tendency to worry, Michele, but I would never tell you to intentionally do that. Worrying can create its own set of problems. Are the problems solvable or deal breakers? Remember that you don’t want a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Keep working on your relationship, and remember that an eclipse (or anything else) can never take anything from you if it’s really yours.

      1. Do you have a few thoughts on how this may effect me?
        Tampa, FL

        1. I can’t look at full charts for the comments section, Michelle, and I’m not doing consultations right now. If you like, I can email some recommendations to you.

        2. That would be great! Thank you for taking the time, I really appreciate it!

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