Chiron ~ The Wounded Healer

I saw this video on Jana Groscot Matthews’ site, New Moon Manifesting, which I just discovered this past weekend. Jana has some great affirmations for Scorpio, so be sure to check out her lovely site.

2nd third of 19th century
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There are some wonderful quotes in the video. Two of my favorites are:

In his search for his own cure, he discovered how to heal others.

When I stand before thee at the day’s end, thou shalt see my scars and know that I had my wounds and also my healing. ~ Rabindranath Tagore

I remain rather clueless on how Chiron works in my chart, but expect to know a lot more after transiting Pluto finishes its conjunction to it.

Do you understand how Chiron works in your chart? Have you been healed?

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  1. CJ blessing to you for mentioning me (Jana Matthews) and sharing the amazing Chiron video. It’s so powerful and gets to the core of why we have such difficulty with traditional healing really resolving our issues! All alternative forms of healing are finally getting the recognition they deserve :D. It’s about time, right? I’m so grateful and honored to be a part of healing humanity! Infinite love, light, and blessings to you CJ!

    1. I’m happy I came across you site, Jana! How in the world have I missed it?!?!

      It’s a beautiful video, Jana, and I appreciate your sharing of it. Yes, alternative forms of healing deserve attention! Finally, straying from allopathic medicine is not taboo. We spend too much time treating symptoms and never being healed. There is NOT a drug for everything.

  2. I wish Chiron would come over here and heal my dear husband. But I’m here to talk about my own Chiron, in the 9th house. For many years, I was a searcher. I looked into religion, into matters of the occult, including native american traditions, but nothing quite did it for me, my totem animal didn’t fit; and when i really got into the stuff, Native Americans made it clear that they were uncomfortable with us honkies getting into their stuff.
    I went to Italy, the home of my forefathers and everything changed. With a sun conjunct old moon (pre-new moon) I am a backwards looker, and so I began to study my ancestry, including the language and the history of the region. I got to know my cousins. I found the stories about when my grandparents left and WHAT they left. that longing went away. I now felt like I belonged, I knew who I was. I got my dual citizenship. So I do think my chiron wound is healed.
    Since I started this by mentioning my husband, i will say that his chiron wound is healing. It is in the 10th house, about self worth. through the struggles he’s having during his treatment, he has discovered just how important he is to his communities. I should be so lucky.

    1. Thanks so much for the examples, everyone. They really help me understand Chiron’s healing methods and are also quite inspiring.

  3. My Chiron is in Aqr in the 8th house. opposed that is a very full 2nd house, Cancer SUN on the 2nd house LEO cusp, Merc Uranus, Mars & Venus, with a trailing Pluto 3rd house placement (all Leo) this is a grand amount of ‘gifts’. Yet being know as gifted hurts me. Where being know as a great teacher feels heavenly.

    I have a horrible time using these 2/3rd house gifts/powers, unless I allow opposing 8th house Chiron some room onstage. That wounded teacher must be on stage for me to allow myself to utilize my gifts.

    I can allow myself to teach others, specially as a creativity coach for novice fiction writers. That heals my ignoring my gifts/light under a bushel problems.

    I’ve found that ‘giving away’ the gift of creativity – priming that pump- allowed me to turn my creativity inward enough to have a short story collection selected to be published (some healing!).
    I hope this is what you were asking for CJ.

  4. Hi cj – Isn’t that Chiron video lovely? During the past year, I’ve occasionally sent it to fellow “healers” who seem to be struggling and it always seems to have the same profound and validating effect. I’m sure it doesn’t speak to everyone, but for those of us who’ve experienced that “dark night of the soul” and been left wondering if we’ll ever make it to the other side, that particular video seems to answer questions we would never even think to ask. I wish I’d found it during my own struggles, but better late than never!

    Before my Chiron Return, I thought I was doing pretty well at fitting in and being a responsible, productive member of society. (Chiron in Aquarius/6th opposite Uranus in Leo/12th). But then everything changed and my world was turned upside down – a serious (albeit temporary) disability left me wondering if I’d ever find my place again. But I have, although it’s been an ongoing process that’s taken time and is not over yet. I still have questions, but for the most part, I feel as if I’m finally doing what it is that I was meant to do and in the most direct, hands-on, compassionate and unrestrained way imaginable. Every time I’m able to connect with someone in a meaningful way, the connection has a healing effect on me as well. Being healed is not the same as being cured – I get that and am able to understand the difference and still feel grateful.

    I hope you’re able to figure out the unique role Chiron plays in your life in a way that’s most meaningful for you, cj! 🙂

  5. well I have Chiron in the 2nd conjunct Pluto both in Leo opposing the moon in the 8th house in Aquarius yes values.. and seeing this most beautiful video has given me a glow within that’s the only way I can express my feelings I do hope others gain from t his thank you auntiemoon without you I wouldn’t have ever seen this. if any one has anything to give me in this situation would appreciate it as I find it hard to find the wound and heal it thank you.annp

  6. Very nice! My Chiron is conjunct my Descendant and opposite my Leo Moon. Before my Chiron Return, I had really awful issues with relationships and with my mother, issues that no matter what I did would not end and just kept repeating. A lot of the issues with my mother disappeared or morphed (without any effort on my part) when she became ill, and she passed away 5 months before my Chiron Return. Then at my Chiron Return I met my now bf, who is a real wounded healer (he runs support groups for people with his illness). I entered the relationship with a lot of trepidation, but it has lasted and has been enormously healing.

  7. I was deeply moved by this video. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    For much of this year, Uranus has been conjoining my 12th house Chiron in Aries; it has been a time of family crises,startling personal insights, creative discovery, and painful new foot problems. Now that my midlife Saturn Opposition has begun as well, I feel an urgent need to put what I’ve learned to work. I am starting to get the message that it is this work that will be the focus of these years between now and my Chiron, North Node, and Saturn Returns (all in Aries, two at the ASC).

  8. It’s a beautiful video, Jana, and I appreciate your sharing of it. Yes, alternative forms of healing deserve attention!

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