Planting with the Moon for Winter Flowers

Here’s a tip for all you gardeners out there who are anxious to get your containers changed for the autumn and winter season. The best times to get your pansies, violets, mums, snapdragons, ornamental cabbages, and Dianthus transplanted are:

  • Friday, November 4th, after 3:18am and before 2:02pm on Sunday, the 6th, when the Moon is in Pisces, or
  • Tuesday, November 9th after 2:46am (ET) and before the Moon is Full in Taurus on Wednesday, the 10th, at 3:17pm

Times noted are Eastern, so adjust for your time zone. No, I won’t be planting my pansies at 3:18am, but it will be an acceptable time (8:18am) for all my friends across the pond to take trowel in hand.

Both Taurus and Pisces are good for planting, though Taurus is the best. Since these plants are grown for their flowers, the best time for planting is before the Full Moon. If you’re planting bulbs for the Spring, plant them after the Full Moon. A super time is when the Moon is in Cancer, November 14-16. Keep your Moon Garden going by bringing in some solid white pansies. Lettuces will love you if you plant them during Cancer, the sign that rules them.

So which is more important when it comes to planting by the Moon ~ phase or sign? There’s debate on that, but but the general consensus is to use the correct phase. However, life happens, so if you’re schedule doesn’t permit waiting for the “perfect” day by phase and sign, just get the little rascals in the ground when you can and then sit back and enjoy.

All of the flowers mentioned are edible IF you’ve grown them organically from seed. If you’re transplanting from the nursery, don’t eat these flowers as they are most likely sprayed with pesticides. Start treating them organically and the flowers should be safe to consume by late winter.

Snapdragon ~ Image by Iguanasan via Flickr

Parsley is really pretty paired with pansies and always makes it through the winter in my Zone 8 part of the world. There’s a photo of a gorgeous container garden using lettuces, pansies, parsley, and some more herbs here. Sorry I can’t show it to you, but it’s all about usage rights. If you’re into container gardening, it’s definitely worth taking a look at.

That’s my favorite kind of snapdragon over there. Snapdragons are delicious, by the way! I saw a squirrel snacking away on some this past spring. We could have shared a meal. He favored the red ones. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Planting with the Moon for Winter Flowers

  1. I guess gardening by the moon is one thing i do pretty religiously. Whether planting a tree or watering my yard, i try to find the best time to do them. I’ve noticed that weeds come out better when the moon is in a fire sign. I’ve also noticed sometimes when weeding during a nurturing earth sign like taurus that a lot more weed seeds escape.

  2. Thanks for that tip on weeding during earth signs, mimi. That’s a good one. If you’re weeding during Scorpio, be sure to get the whole root. If you don’t, those roots will come back stronger than before.

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