Word of the Day ~ Arrow

A Sagittarian without an arrow is a lost soul.

I’ll venture further and say that anyone without an arrow is a lost soul, which is another way of saying that we all must have something in our life to which we aspire ~ a Sagittarian goal. It can be a goal that’s six months or ten years from now or it can simply be making it through another day.

If you took a look at the house placement of Sagittarius in your chart, would it have any bearing on your aspirations, what you’re aiming for in life? The symbolism may not be as obvious as you first imagine. What are the connections to other parts of your chart:

One of the questions from my Sagittarian New Moon post is “Where do you want to go?” The point was to daydream a little so that inspiration may act as a propellant, to move your arrow forward.

The Numerology and Symbolism of Arrow

The word arrow calculates to a 3 in numerology, and 3 is ruled by Jupiter which is also Sagittarius’ ruling planet. Threes are about creativity, growth, and expression. I’ve yet to meet a Sagittarian who didn’t have an idea (creativity), do something to make that idea come to life (expression) and acquire new knowledge from having made the journey (growth).

Vowels in numerology refer to our Heart’s Desire ~ the inner dream that makes a life worth living. Arrow has a heart’s desire of 7 ~ the mysteries and deeper truths. Sagittarius is, without a doubt, the seeker of truths.

Consonants act much like the Ascendant ~ they’re the outer shell of a word or a name and give a first impression. With a 5 in this position, arrow picks up on the qualities of speed associated with the number and it’s ruling planet, Mercury. Without velocity, the arrow falls to the ground. If that happens, don’t let it discourage you. Pull another arrow from your quiver, and give it another shot.

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Note: The chart above is from Numerology Calculator, a free software download available from 2 Near the Edge.

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  1. Love this post, CJ! I really need an arrow this holiday, cause I have the end of the year blahs, and all the ones I have in my quiver seem to have lost their feathers. You’re always an inspiration. Donna

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