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Thanksgiving is a few short days away in the US ~ and that means it’s time for our traditional turkey and dressing dinner. Some people call it stuffing; I grew up calling it dressing and it was always made with cornbread. Whichever word ~ or recipe ~ you prefer, a necessary ingredient has always been sage.

Sage is quite a timely word as we enter the period of Sagittarius and draw near Thanksgiving. It has several meanings and serves several purposes related to this particular period of the year.

Sages ~ wise men and women, whether religious or otherwise ~ fall under the rulership of Jupiter by way of Sagittarius and the 9th house of our natal charts.

A sage is the instructor of a hundred ages.
                             ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

The herb, sage, falls under the rulership of who else? Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, of course. It has some interesting folklore attached to it, as well. Scott Cunningham in his Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs tells us that by eating a bit of the plant every day, we are guaranteed a long life, possibly immortality. (!!) Not surprisingly, he also mentions that carrying sage will bolster wisdom, that fine Sagittarian trait.

Mountain or white sage, used in ritual and some religious ceremonies, is the most common ingredient in smudge sticks. The smudging ceremony is considered sacred and is, therefore, another symbol of Sagittarius. Smudging is ceremoniously used to clear negativity and cleanse an area. Consider smudging your home if family gatherings during the holidays turn sour.

In Phythagorean numerology, “sage” reduces to the number 5, which I associate with the planet Mercury. However, in Chaldean numerology, it reduces to the number 3, the number of Jupiter. Using the Phythagorean system, the S and A both bring qualities of leadership, the G relates to withdrawal, research, and meditation (sage on the mountaintop?), and the E brings change and adaptability, something any good sage has plenty of.

Enjoy your holiday, and eat wisely.

How to Smudge with Sage

8 thoughts on “Word of the Day ~ Sage

  1. Ha! I’ve got Cap Jupiter in 9th conj Saturn. But I don’t feel sage.

    I feel mugwort. XD

    I understand a mugwort sprig is used to “goose” the goose in Europe.

    I just had a thought: I wonder what sage and mugwort would be like together? There’s some Sag experimentation for y’all!

    1. I think mugwort is a really good moon herb, Parin, and it’s good for increasing psychic abilities. So, sage and mugwort together sounds good to me! The psychic sage.

  2. I am a triple sag with Jupiter trining my sun in the 12th house. I think as I grow older, I am becoming if not a sage, a wise woman. People that I think have wisdom ask me for advice! rare in my family, I have a dose of common sense and a dose of intelligence.

  3. Hi cj,

    Interesting article. My son has Sag rising AND Moon but is a Pisces, so he is really wise beyond his years. He has learned to temper the fire surrounding his water as he has gotten older, but I had to use a lot of sage during his teenage years – 🙂 I posted an article on my blog this summer about sage as I am all about this ritual – but good reminder during the holidays as family tempers do flare…


    1. What’s the link to the article, Kathleen? I love smudging and the way the scent lingers on my clothes.

  4. What fun to learn more about sage, a great cleanser for accumulated psychic gunk. Probably is served on thanksgiving because there’s nothing like a family gathering to stir up a lot of gunk! Donna Cunningham

    1. Donna, your new gravatar is super!!! I think you’re right about sage and Thanksgiving. We can have it in our food and smudge the territory. Good for inside and out!

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