Full Moon in Taurus ~ There’s a Wiener on My Nose

I can resist. I can, I can, I can.

Taurus ~ Sensuous, animal appetite, hunger, longing.

Scorpio ~ Control, desire, detection, resistance.

Scorpio tempts us with all kinds of carnal delights and Taurus ~ the ultimate consumer, the hoarder apprentice ~ wants it very badly. The Full Taurus Moon ~ which insists that we bring some kind of balance to the I have/I Want axis of our charts ~ makes us crazy with this stuff, simultaneously luring us while slapping our fingers and tsk, tsk, tsking us. Is this a rude Full Moon or what?

Rude or not, the Taurus Full Moon does require us to get it together where there is some imbalance between lust and control in our lives. Our Taurus side has to come to terms with just how much is enough and how we control the desire for accumulation ~ whether that’s money, food, friends, shoes, whatever we covet.

Scorpio knows that it can have us by the scruff of the neck if it offers the perfectly enticing morsel. From there ~ if we can’t resist ~ it might be a downward spiral into Pluto’s world.

It takes practice to resist. Sometimes a trainer is required to get us past the hurdle of self-defeat when we give in to our desires. But with practice comes resolve and, eventually, we can rely on our own ability to resist. We just might need a little help in the beginning.

Like a lot of you reading this post, I struggle with my desire to eat. Food is a drug for me. Here’s what I’m telling myself to get a foothold and not plummet deeper into Pluto’s world of shame ~ If that little pooch can resist that wiener, surely I can resist that demonic bag of Cheetos that wants to live in my thighs. I admit the dog looks stressed, so I’ll prepare myself for that. I just have to decide which is the greater reward ~ Cheetos or less flesh. In the long run, maybe less flesh is better.

That may seem trivial, but food and weight (both of which are Taurus’ domain) are huge issues for lots of people. It’s not trivial if it affects how we think about ourselves. It’s not trivial if it affects how physically fit we are or if we allow it to sabotage our self-esteem. 

We all have deeper issues, too, unresolved, relentless, which aren’t trivial and Scorpio would prefer we not bring those up. Eventually, we might need to break Scorpio’s need for privacy about those, but only if the time is right.

During the last of our Scorpio days, how can you transform the reward that Taurus seeks ~ instant gratification for some driving urge ~ to one of enduring quality?

7 thoughts on “Full Moon in Taurus ~ There’s a Wiener on My Nose

  1. PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. you’re right on. This week i was really toying with the idea of signing up for a week in southern Mexico with a painting teacher.. it wouldn’t cost THAT much…. then this morning, my husband opened his pay stub envelope and we noticed that his tax withholdings are NOT enough, we will need to pay out of pocket…. just about the time that sweet trip to Mexico would be…

    Being a ways over 30, I was not crushed with disappointment… but I find it amusing that you send this to me today; right after all that happened..

  3. My experience is that you can work this question out with the body by doing the Astrological Tai Chi movement for Taurus alternating with the Astrological Tai Chi movement for Scorpio. You don’t have to think about anything in particular, just do the movements. We believe that cross-training Taurus and Scorpio through movement helps you to find an intuitive balance, where you “just know” when to say “when.” See our Scorpio video at our website through Nov. 21 to view the two movements.

    1. Hi, Daniel! I’m so glad you mentioned the movements. When to say when. That’s perfect. Sorry the video won’t be up a bit longer, but the movements are in the book and I’ll pull that out.

    2. Good post CJ and good advice Daniel. That is my biggest problem, when to say when. Another Cancer here who loves her food. I am just now trying to lose the 5 pounds I gained when visiting family and having too much fun. My goal is to not let this happen again. I know I can do it!

  4. my uncle would do that trick with his most excellent hunting dog Fritz
    it was so funny
    tell you what- that was a good dog too! ha

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