Stars and Cards ~ Working Stiff or Artist?

The question for this week’s Stars and Cards reading comes from a questioner who says:

I have been a working stiff my entire adult life. In 2006, I started painting (I always wanted to be an artist), but I fear that I will not have enough time to get good enough at painting to “make it.” So my question is, will art continue to just be a pastime for me?

Keywords in the question:

Capricorn/Saturn ~ Fear, time, “make it”

Additional info: The questioner is in a number 6 personal cycle, numerologically. This cycle places an emphasis on creativity and is blessed by the planet Venus.

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2 thoughts on “Stars and Cards ~ Working Stiff or Artist?

  1. wow, thank you for a lovely birthday present. Although as you saw I have lots of good sagittarius stuff, you have explained well why whenever I take an astrology quiz, I come out looking like a capricorn.

    Grandma Moses has been my hero since the 1960’s. Thank you, my “paint or draw something everyday” sounds like a good policy to continue!

  2. It was my pleasure, Mimi. So glad I mentioned Grandma Moses! Keep painting and keep an eye on the target of your arrow. 🙂

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