Taurus Cheat Sheet

Click to view the cheat sheet at full size or to download. More on Taurus and the Tarot: Astrological Picture Book ~ 1st Decan Taurus and the 5 of Pentacles Astrological Picture Book ~ 2nd Decan Taurus and the 6 of Pentacles Astrological Picture Book ~ 3rd Decan Taurus and the 7 of Pentacles Astrological Picture Book ~ … More Taurus Cheat Sheet

Planting with the Moon for Winter Flowers

Here’s a tip for all you gardeners out there who are anxious to get your containers changed for the autumn and winter season. The best times to get your pansies, violets, mums, snapdragons, ornamental cabbages, and Dianthus transplanted are: Friday, November 4th, after 3:18am and before 2:02pm on Sunday, the 6th, when the Moon is in Pisces, or Tuesday, … More Planting with the Moon for Winter Flowers