Virgo ~ A Sane Approach to Health, via Saturn

7_ChakrasI read two wonderful pieces this week about the care of our bodies. The first was from Madeline at Skylight News on the Death Throes of Saturn in Virgo. She says…

“Okay okay. So the headlines are scaring the pants off many of us. I recently returned to the health care field and I can tell you, HARDLY ANYONE TRUSTS THEIR BODY ANYMORE!!”

Be sure to check out her inspired post which offers some excellent advice.

Serendipitously, synchronistically, on the same day, I received this from my Daily Dao group:


This fragile body
Is matrix
For mind and soul.

We cannot afford to neglect our bodies, even if we recognize that we must not identify with them exclusively. Actually, in our search for our true selves, our physical existence is the best place to start. We can alter our lives by how we eat and exercise, and we can expedite our search by keeping ourselves healthy. If we are free of physical blockages and pain, we can identify our inner selves much better.

In the search for the mind and soul, it is wise to understand that the body is not the true self, but it is also wise to maintain the body. There should be neither denial nor mortification of the flesh, but it takes a wise person to both maintain the body and look beyond it.

~ Deng Ming-Dao, 365 Tao: Daily Meditations

Both of these are good examples of Saturn in Virgo. Madeline reminds us of how overblown the Saturnian fear factor has become in our society and cautions us not to get caught up in a panic response; in other words, remain sane, trust our bodies. The Daily Meditation also shows us how to use Saturn in Virgo sanely ~ again not through fear and panic, but through maintenance and simply doing what we should to stay healthy.

I will try to attain sanity regarding health during Saturn’s vigil in Virgo. I took the first step and was on the yoga mat yesterday for the first time in way too long. It’s hard to find a yoga class in the very small southern town I live in. It’s not really yoga, it’s dance stretch, but the teacher says “Namaste” at the end of the class. That’s a start! I once told a friend I was taking a “yoga” class here and he said, “You’re kidding! What is it? Fried yoga?”

Next week I start a ballet class for adults. I don’t know how sane it was to sign up for a ballet class since I’ve never done that in my life, but I have a hunch it’s going to be less than basic. Maybe it will help me develop another Virgo quality ~ elegance. There’s a little video at the end of this post showing adults in a beginning class, so I’m thinking it will be easy enough and fun, too.

Virgo teaches us diligence and dedication to a task, the production of a fine product. My last two posts dealt with reclaiming weight control and choices in food. I’m giving it my best shot. It may be too much to tackle at once during this Virgo time, but if not now…when?

I do have one request from Saturn, our tough-love Lord of Time, as I take these steps toward improving my health…teach me endurance, master…and with ever so gentle a touch, please.