Virgo ~ I’ll Just Pick

Daniel Refuses the King's Wine and Food
Daniel Refuses the King's Wine and Food

When it comes to food, the stereotypical description of Virgos is that they’re all super-conscious health food nuts, but are they really? I haven’t seen that play out.

I’ve known one Virgo for half my life now and he is definitely NOT into health food. I would go so far as to say that when it comes to health food, he is an Anti-Virgo, and used to call it “rocks and dirt food.” What he is, is picky with an uncanny ability to say NO to food. (A completely foreign concept to me, unfortunately.) According to his mom, he’s been this way since he was a child. She talks about taking him to the doctor when he was just a little child because he was so skinny and refused to eat.

My other prime Virgo example is my niece, who decided when she was barely into her teens that she was a vegetarian and proclaimed that she would not eat “anything that had a mother.” It was not a health issue for her; it was a moral issue. She is now twenty-plus years into her vegetarian lifestyle, all the while cooking up meat dishes for her husband. She is completely non-judgmental, but she made a choice early in her life and has stuck with it. It is her diet of choice.

These two examples pinpoint Virgo’s natural inclination toward food awareness which began when both were very young. Neither one is particularly “health-conscious” when it comes to their food, but they both have very clear boundaries when it comes to saying “no.” This may or may not be true of the Virgos in your life. Of course, there are many, many Virgos who are extremely conscious of a healthy diet, just as there are Aries, Geminis, Capricorns, and all the other signs.

One great advantage of my niece’s vegetarian lifestyle is that, when she visits, my table is set with as many vegetarian dishes as I can come up with. I had definitely been stumped with those menus in the past, but I solved my dilemma. After her last visit, I took out a subscription to Vegetarian Times magazine. A whole new world opened up. Next time she visits, I’m ready with a full-course motherless meal. Everyone benefits!