Transiting Saturn Conjunctions ~ Preparing for the Hit

Continuing from an earlier post on transiting Saturn conjunctions…

Melancholia (2011 film)

Melancholia (2011 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If the first part of the film Melancholia is about refusing to compromise (or merge, marry or yoke as with Saturn in Libra), the second half of the film is about no way out. It has a sort of Saturn in Scorpio ring to it, don’t you think?

If you haven’t seen Melancholia yet, I won’t spoil the ending. If you’re curious, click the link for a video of the closing scene. It’s what a dreaded transiting conjunction feels like.

See Ending Scene of Melancholia

To put it bluntly, if you’ve really screwed up in the house of your chart that Saturn is transiting, you are going to suffer the consequences. And it’s usually not very pretty. You may hear comments like:

I learned a lot from that Saturn transit
I was devastated
I had to face the music with that transit Continue reading

Thoughts for the New Year

Isle of View CardsEach time the New Year rolls around, lots of us start feeling some serious pressure to make a few resolutions. Transiting Saturn can be a great motivator toward figuring out exactly what you “should” be working on. Wherever he is in your chart gives you a major clue about your homework for the year.

If you’ve been doing a good job on his little tests so far, I’m raising a champagne toast to you. If you haven’t, and have resolved to do a better job next year, I’m raising a toast to you, too.

Remember those times in your life when everything just seemed to come together so nicely? You felt a sense of ease in all areas of your life ~ mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have that again? If you’re feeling that way now, my hat’s off to you and I’m raising another toast.

If you’re not feeling that way, maybe these three cards from the Isle of View Insight Cards can inspire you. I’m not making any resolutions this year, but I’m keeping these cards as my daily inspiration for the coming year. Want to join me?

MYTH ~ Make Yourself the Hero Continue reading

2011 in Review ~ Rate Your Planets

We’ve all had to endure a year of the punk planets in Cardinal signs. I’ve yet to run into anybody giddy enough to say, Oh, this has been one of my favorite years EVER!

I mean, come on, it was pretty tough on everyone. We’re all a little cranky. But even though it’s been a rough year, we hang on to hope and cross our fingers that 2012 will be better, doomsday prophecies or not.

Here’s a way to take a look at 2011 and rate your planets or, better yet, rate how you lived up to the planets’ expectations of you.

Year End Review

Spend a little time evaluating each planet’s role in your transits this year. Give an overall rating for the inner planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars). They travelled through lots of signs and houses in your chart, so it’s a little harder to pin them down.

For the outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto), include the houses they visited in your chart as part of the evaluation.

Don’t look for things like Saturn squared my Sun and I didn’t feel like leaving the house all year or Pluto conjoined my Moon and I was miserable. 

Instead, you might write something like this if Saturn was in your 3rd house:

  • I set some boundaries on how I communicate with my neighbors. I won’t  be a part of neighborhood gossip anymore. 4 stars
  • I improved my vocabulary and can now work the NY Times crossword puzzle in 15 minutes! 4 stars
  • I never got around to those driving lessons I promised myself. 0 Stars
  • I told Aunt Ada I’d visit her monthly, but missed a couple of months. 3 Stars

Get the idea?

I created a little worksheet to help you out with this. You can download it here. If you need some help with the houses, download this. Forget about aspects for this exercise.

If you’d like a life review, use this worksheet with your natal chart.

Don’t make snap judgements or give yourself a pass/fail before you start. You might surprise yourself with your overall review.

Just for fun, let’s go ahead and rate the planets, too. Take this poll and vote for your favorite planet of 2011, the one you were happiest with.

Saturn, Act II ~ Mother Days

This is Part 2 of a three-part series focusing on our Saturn cycles as three different Acts in our life. The series is inspired by an interview of Jane Fonda by Oprah, where Fonda said that she is in Act III of her life. For women, we’ll be looking at these Acts as our Maiden, Mother, or Crone Days.

Saturn naturally plays a pivotal role throughout our life and ushers in a new phase of life when it returns to its original spot in our natal chart. Each of Saturn’s whirls through the entire zodiac takes about 29½ years ~ plenty of time to begin, fully experience, and release a major phase of our life.

Saturn, Act II

The dew is off the rosebud. We are fully in adulthood now. We’ve been “legal” for about a decade ~ able to vote, drink, make our own decisions, and venture out on our own. Most of us are responsible for our own bills and are earning a living for ourselves. Many have made a choice of a life-partner, and quite a few are already estranged or divorced. Youth can make passionate, yet sometimes ill-conceived choices, so we set out to un-do or re-conceive our ideas for our life as a fully functioning adult in the real world.

We may find ourselves in a life very different from the one that our training or a college major prepared us to enter. Artists may find themselves hooked into a day job with no time to engage their art. Some who set out on a business track may abandon the corporate world for a life of less restriction and more authenticity. Those of us without training search out training on the job. Many of us continue to struggle while others find success and achievement in their field and establish themselves as authorities, experts, and experienced consultants. 

Depending upon the generation you belong to, your ideas about how to handle this can vary enormously. Those born in the 40’s or earlier carried the weight of doing what was expected whether it was what we wanted or not. There were roles to play and we had to get on board. To diverge from that path was rife with danger, criticism, and estrangement.

Those born in the 50’s or 60’s might feel like we “sold out” when we abandoned our dreams for a day job. We’ve learned to deal with that disillusionment and finally trust people over 30. We are over 30! Those born in the 70’s or 80’s experienced a world of technology that offered more opportunity than ever before, while being plunged into an economy that withholds the opportunity that was promised. This is the generation that coined the term “funemployed,” a result of having to create a livelihood because no one is hiring. Cinderella has no shoes. There is no ball.

We have to suck it up and get on with our lives. That’s just the way it is. There are mouths to feed and bills to pay and “what was I thinking?” looms large in our minds.

For the lucky ones ~ those who are living the life they imagined or one better than they imagined ~ “real” life still rises with the sun every day. While satisfaction with work and home life may be deep, there are still responsibilities to be fulfilled. Doing what you love may mean there’s less money, that you’re only getting by, or even that you’ve made it ~ you’re a star in your field.

We polarize politically. Midlife crisis hits. Men are looking at sports cars and younger women. Women are looking at ads that promise to make us look as youthful as the media demands. The competition for both sexes is getting younger and younger, and we start longing for a sip from that magical fountain of youth. 

We’ve seen it all! We’ve experienced Saturn’s movement through every house of our chart. It’s affected our appearance, our finances, our family structure, love life, debits and credits, careers, friendships ~ you name it! Saturn’s been there.

As we approach the end of Act II, we’ve become well acquainted with loss. Dreams fade. Children leave home. Loved ones pass on. Our beloved icons are looking a little haggard around the eyes. Wars began and ended and we can now mark our days by decades. As Judy Collins sang, “Who knows where the time goes.”

Does that sound depressing? Well, Saturn, our old devilish friend, can be such a buzz-kill. Obligatory Disclaimer: While Saturn teaches us harsh lessons, he also brings us rewards. Yeah, yeah, yeah…tell that to the face in the mirror. Problem is, you can’t see that face without 2.0 reading glasses.

Our Mother Years

Family. For some, it’s the family we’re born into and continue to regenerate. For others, it’s the family we create from scratch. Either choice brings with it the desire for security and long-lasting attachment, safety from the world out there that can be so demanding, shared memories, and someone to remember our birthday.

Many of us are already mothers ~ birth or adoptive ~ with all the demands and joys of raising children. We’ve made it through the years of juggling schedules, handling tantrums, wiping scrapes and tears, and longing for adult conversation. We watch triumphantly as our children march in cap and gown toward a future that no one can predict, pick up the tab for the celebrations, weddings, and the baby showers that follow. We imagine holding a grandchild in our arms for the first time.

We also realize that there are regrets. We know we made mistakes with our children and we worry about the impact our lack of knowledge made on who they are today. We wanted to be a good mother. We wanted to protect them. We wanted them to have everything they ever dreamed of.

Others of us now accept that we will never be mothers and go about the difficult process of letting go. Can we accept  and embrace the part of us that we had reserved for a child?

Still others have no regrets ~ could never see ourselves as a mother, anyway ~ and are quite happy with things just the way they are. We have our “children” ~ our business, our art, our creative endeavors, our charities.

We’ve lived with fluctuation all our lives. As we bled, we adapted. As we nursed, we adapted. As the world around us changed, we adapted. We are the strongest creature on earth. We suvived as our hormones ran amuck. We’ve suffered through endometriosis or hysterectomies, some that came too soon. We’ve endured perimenopause, menopause, cancer, and we’ve survived.

Some are married or with partners, some are divorced, some remain single, and others are widows. Partnered or not, we all trepiditiously trek toward one common revelation ~ we are aging. We’re automatically given the senior discount at the cash register. Oh…my…god!

[Note to self: Stop by the cosmetics counter before going home and pick up a few of those miracle creams. Thought: Is there enough money in my retirement fund to afford these million dollar potions? Just a little nip here would take 10 years off. I’ll cash in my insurance  policy for a facelift. The kids are on their own. Why can’t I find any clothes for someone my age?!?!?!? Am I really trying on something from the teen department? Does this bag make me look sexy? Where the heck did my butt go? It’s not supposed to be at my knees.]

There’s a lot more to Act II than can be covered here ~ and admittedly, the focus has been on some of the fears that are commonplace. Saturn does offer rewards, many of them. Some are important documents filed away in safety-deposit boxes. Some hang on your office walls as testaments to your labors. But there are others, more powerful, more enduring. They fall across your beautiful face as the wisdom in knowing eyes and in the touch of your hand when you reach out to someone who just wants to sit a while. You’ve been there. You understand. More than understand ~ you really know. You encourage, support, and uplift. With each unsteady step of someone who seeks your guidance, the mother in you stands by. The maiden may have faded, but the mother will always remain.

You are now dead-center at the crossroads again. Welcome to your second Saturn Return and a whole new phase of life.

What are the most notable victories or revelations from Act II of your life?

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