Transiting Saturn Conjunctions ~ Preparing for the Hit

Continuing from an earlier post on transiting Saturn conjunctions…

Melancholia (2011 film)
Melancholia (2011 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If the first part of the film Melancholia is about refusing to compromise (or merge, marry or yoke as with Saturn in Libra), the second half of the film is about no way out. It has a sort of Saturn in Scorpio ring to it, don’t you think?

If you haven’t seen Melancholia yet, I won’t spoil the ending. If you’re curious, click the link for a video of the closing scene. It’s what a dreaded transiting conjunction feels like.

See Ending Scene of Melancholia

To put it bluntly, if you’ve really screwed up in the house of your chart that Saturn is transiting, you are going to suffer the consequences. And it’s usually not very pretty. You may hear comments like:

I learned a lot from that Saturn transit
I was devastated
I had to face the music with that transit
It just about killed me
Life hasn’t been the same since
I’ve never been so sad

Everyone on the far side of 30 will start to relive previous experiences as Saturn revisits points from the past. If you’ve failed (another lovely Saturn word) in a particular life experience once before and are failing again, you’re probably kicking yourself in the ass because you should have known better this time around. Well, knowing better and actually being able to do something about it are two different things. And the second Saturn conjunction will probably hold new surprises and circumstances.

Image of SaturnIt’s easy to say that Saturn points to areas where we haven’t prepared properly. I’ve said that myself.  To myself. A lot. But sometimes, it goes beyond not preparing properly. Sometimes there’s a complete inability to prepare ~ for whatever reason. You can’t pay off an 8th house debt if you’ve been unemployed for two-years and have a family to feed. You may not be able to get yourself dressed if your self-esteem has taken a devastating hit or you’re suffering from major depression. Saturn does have a knack for stopping us in our tracks. The Saturnian boundaries we hear so much about can get awfully close to our skin. If we could raise our fists, we would. But the Saturn bubble may have us so constricted that it seems impossible to move at all.

If you’ve had time to become old friends with Saturn, the first part of an oncoming conjunction can be one of dread, overwhelming dread. There are plenty of other ways to meet Saturn’s arrival ~ denial, fear, sad anticipation, even melancholia, an exquisite Saturn word. If you already know you’ve got a tough Saturn transit coming up ~ especially a conjunction ~ you know the ache of sorrowful anticipation that can precede Saturn’s arrival.

I’m not usually one to post something that’s a real downer, but the war-weary and wounded (of which I am one) often bring discouraging news from the front. If the dreaded transit is already considered “dreaded,” there’s a good reason. Start working on the house issues that are looming large for you now because it’s coming. It’s the issues of the house that will come to the forefront. The sign, Scorpio, shows how those issues are colored. If there’s a planet in your Scorpio house, those issues are likely to be challenged in some way. Here is a very simple breakdown of the planets’ roles.

Sun ~ self-esteem
Moon ~ emotions and happiness
Mercury ~ communications
Venus ~ issues of worthiness or attractiveness
Mars ~ ability to take action
Jupiter ~ optimism, joy
Saturn ~ life achievements
Uranus ~ freedom
Neptune ~ dreams, faith
Pluto ~ power

If you’ve paid attention, done your homework, and stuck to the rules on how to handle the issues of the house Saturn is transiting, you’ll fare better. If you haven’t done your homework, the final scene of Melancholia will give you the perfect heads-up about what to expect.

Here’s that scene again.

I’ll be sharing some resources that are excellent tools for Saturn transits. The internet is abuzz with news of Saturn’s entrance into Scorpio. I know you can find some that are more encouraging than this post. Again, gloom and doom isn’t my thing, but ignoring it won’t make it go away.

What Saturn transits are coming up for you? How prepared are you feeling?

12 thoughts on “Transiting Saturn Conjunctions ~ Preparing for the Hit

  1. Auntie Moon, I’ve got Moon at 4o Scorpio, Neptune at 10o Scorpio, and Descendent at 13o Scorpio.

    I remember the first time around. Hell will freeze before I do the same things again.

    A family member, the strongest Scorpio I personally know, has a Scorpio stellium and Scorpio Asxcendent. Rough times ahead for our whole Taurus/Scorpio family.

    Great article and I’m going to share on Facebook.

    1. “Hell will freeze…” That’s one of the best testimonials imaginable. Thanks for the share. I appreciate it.

  2. Saturn will enter my 7th house in a bit. No planets in Scorpio, but Pluto in Leo, a lovely square. but that’s a couple years away too. Just the scary 7th house. I think Saturn has ground me into dust bunnies already.

    1. You’ve been through the fire, mimi, without a doubt. Squares are a whole other thing ~ so much struggle. I have that Pluto square to look forward to, too. The conjunction to Pluto about killed me. I bet you remember that hateful fixed cross back in 2006. I’m thinking of just running away. 😦

  3. I rechecked the Scorpionic family member: Sun, Mercury. Venus, and Neptune in Scorpio. All but Sun are in 12th all within 3o of Asc. Sun in 1st.

    Rough days.

    1. If they’re within 3 degrees of the ASC, they may act more like 1st house planets. 4 planets so close together is a tough transit. Which gets hit first? That’s the first response.

      1. Neptune. In 12th. I wasn’t close to this fellow during his first bout so nothing to compare it to.

        Makes me want to hide from him for the next 3 years. :/

        1. I’ve seen Saturn/Neptune show up in two ways recently. 1) The dream bubble is burst and all that’s left is stark reality. 2) Hard, enduring work made dreams come true. They were finally realized. Again, it’s all about how much preparation and work went into the Neptune dream. Saturn/Neptune is a tough one.

  4. Hmmmm I was 17 the last time —lots of negative experiences….a rough start to the adult world. Loss of innocence. Chose the wrong path for college. Mercury and Neputune in my 10th house. The last year has been spent getting really clear on what I don’t want in terms of career as Saturn went through my 9th and over my sun. I’m hoping for some clarity on next steps with this transit.

    1. Knowing what we don‘t want is a good thing, jewel, and can set us on the right path. It sounds like you’ve done good work so far. Here’s to the new path leading you to exactly where you want to be.

  5. 🙂 That’s my hope. Not up for the ending of Melancholia. I feel like the last time it went through my tenth I experienced:
    I learned a lot from that Saturn transit
    I was devastated
    It just about killed me
    Life hasn’t been the same since
    I’ve never been so sad

    I am opt for just #1 this time around. 🙂

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