How Does Saturn Scare You?

Saturn can symbolize what we fear, not in the otherworldly spooky way that Pluto does. Saturn can tell us where we feel inadequate, where we haven’t received the training we need to feel at ease in the world, areas where we’re deficient somehow, even where opportunity escapes us.

Thinking about Saturn in Libra might bring up fears about your relationships. Sure, Saturn as the Old Man can indicate spending a long time with something, but that might be frightening in itself. What if we don’t want to spend a long time with something?! What if we want to get out fast [que scary music…dum, dum, dum…] and we can’t? That’s really scary.

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Transiting Saturn passing through a house can feel absolutely endless. This current transit certainly feels that way to me. Does it to you?

Saturn’s passing through my 8th now ~ other people’s money. Oh, boy! The 8th is sex, loans, and our good friend, Uncle Sam. Being a member of a self-employed household means extra caution when dealing with taxes. Diligence. Get those quarterly payments in on time or suffer the consequences. BIG consequences. Does this frighten me? You bet. Am I working to overcome this fear? Yes. How? Pay the taxes now instead of letting them pile up till the end of the year and get hit with a big bill. It makes me feel a lot like that guy up there.

What does Saturn have you shaking in your boots about?