Events during Taurus 2019

Taurus is the astrological month of lush growth and sensuous vitality. Strength and determination are the watchwords for this practical and sturdy earth sign. A dear friend once told me that she loved Taurus people because they brought stability to her when she needed it most.

There’s lots to celebrate during Taurus including Easter, Earth Day, and Beltane (May Day). Here’s a list of the events occurring during Taurus, with a list of moon sign changes at the bottom.

The Taurus Cheat Sheet notes lots of the symbols and associations of Taurus. Click to open a larger version or to  download.


  • 20 Sun enters Taurus, Moon in Scorpio
  • 20 Venus enters Aries
  • 21 Easter, Moon in Scorpio/Sagittarius
  • 22 Earth Day, Moon in Sagittarius
  • 24 Pluto Rx at 23º Capricorn
  • 29 Saturn Rx at 20º Capricorn


  • 01 Beltane, Moon in Pisces/Aries
  • 04 New Moon at 14º Taurus. New Moon themes include wealth, income, financial security, loyalty, abundance, traditions
  • 05 Astrological Beltane, Sun reaches 15º Taurus, Moon in Taurus
  • 06 Mercury enters Taurus
  • 15 Venus enters Taurus
  • 18 Full Moon at 27º Scorpio. Full Moon themes include bringing balances to issues regarding my money/your money, my stuff/your stuff,

Moon Sign Changes

All times are EDT


21 Sagittarius 12:00 pm
23 Capricorn 06:51 pm
26 Aquarius 05:28 am
28 Pisces 06:12 pm


01 Aries 06:24 am
03 Taurus 04:18 pm
05 Gemini 11:40 pm
08 Cancer 05:07 am
10 Leo 09:14 am
12 Virgo 12:22 pm
14 Libra 02:52 pm
16 Scorpio 05:27 pm
18 Sagittarius 09:22 pm
21 Capricorn 03:57 am