How Does Saturn Scare You?

Saturn can symbolize what we fear, not in the otherworldly spooky way that Pluto does. Saturn can tell us where we feel inadequate, where we haven’t received the training we need to feel at ease in the world, areas where we’re deficient somehow, even where opportunity escapes us.

Thinking about Saturn in Libra might bring up fears about your relationships. Sure, Saturn as the Old Man can indicate spending a long time with something, but that might be frightening in itself. What if we don’t want to spend a long time with something?! What if we want to get out fast [que scary music…dum, dum, dum…] and we can’t? That’s really scary.

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Transiting Saturn passing through a house can feel absolutely endless. This current transit certainly feels that way to me. Does it to you?

Saturn’s passing through my 8th now ~ other people’s money. Oh, boy! The 8th is sex, loans, and our good friend, Uncle Sam. Being a member of a self-employed household means extra caution when dealing with taxes. Diligence. Get those quarterly payments in on time or suffer the consequences. BIG consequences. Does this frighten me? You bet. Am I working to overcome this fear? Yes. How? Pay the taxes now instead of letting them pile up till the end of the year and get hit with a big bill. It makes me feel a lot like that guy up there.

What does Saturn have you shaking in your boots about?

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  1. Saturn in 6th house – SERVICE. My DH just got diagnosed with cancer. he’s not sick now but boy the treatment is going to make him sick. and what does that mean to me? I have to take care of him; post op, post chemo, radiation, all that stuff. Falls on MY back..

    Thanks saturn

  2. Mimi, you are a caretaker of the nth degree. When you think you’ve reached the end of your rope and if you start feeling like you’ve got nothing left in you, just remember that no one will ever judge you more harshly than you judge yourself. Give yourself plenty of self-care. Without it, we lose our perspective. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


    1. I guess I’m angry because I thought once Saturn got off my Saturn that it would smooth out. hahaha. wrong bucko… I will get over it. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers.

  3. UGH, I went straight from Pluto oppose Sun, to Saturn’ed out for over a year. He has just finished his opposition, which was a lot more pleasant to his square to my Moon, which is about to hit take 2 :/. I can feel it already, the increase in discomfort and nervousness about silly things really. Then I have the Saturn/Mars conjunction, then the Mercury square. Dern t-square *mutter, mutter, mutter* My husband will probably love the latter, especially if I am too intimidated to speak *LOL* I am aiming for the most profound communications of my life and to be a walking fortune cookie, but I do have a tendency of aiming too high 😛

  4. Well, I’m voting for the walking fortune cookie manifestation instead of the intimidation for you. I am so ready for this Saturn in Libra thing to end. His first pass with my 1st Saturn return was much easier to adapt to than this pass. Saturn on the Moon is soooooo hard. Gives me great compassion for the Cappie Moons.

  5. The old fellow is transitting my 1st and is just coming off my Mercury. Finally this 12th house Virgo Sun/Asc (Gem midheaven) is learning to speak (squeak?!) up for herself and seriously considering taking down the ‘Doormat’ sign. What’s got me worried is that next Saturn will conjunct my Neptune (Libra 2nd) and I have no idea what that may portend, and, then cosy up to my Saturn/Venus conjunction (Scorpio 2nd) which opposes my Moon (Taurus 8th). Yikes! My second Saturn Return looks set to be a dilly!

  6. Saturn in Gem conjunct MC. Responsibilities! Hyper-responsible, so I find myself avoiding certain amounts of it just because I fear I will mess up. It rules the cusp of my 5th, so the responsibility of parenting is also huge, venus is in 5th to soften things, but I’m not light headed in that department.
    Lovely comment about Cap Moons… I do feel for them now and understand them better. my libra moon has being hit by Saturn (and the other ones in the T square) and no Mamma to help and take care of me, she is alive, bless her. but just not available the way I need her, so I understand the solitude/loneliness Cap moons can feel.

  7. That tugged my heartstrings, Sabrina. I’m ancient now (feels that way with t. Saturn on the Sun right now, anyway) and my Mom passed in ’06, but as old and orphaned as I am, sometimes I still wish Mom could make it all better.

    1. I know what you mean CJ, my Grandma passed away in ’05, she was able to make it all better just by being there. Ahhh and I hear you with Sat t. the Sun, you do feel older, and really, really tired. In my country we say ‘I’m so tired I’m dragging the blanket’ 🙂

  8. I had Saturn passing judgement on everything – or so it seemed and I was aware of it..even though I know I had been a good little Libran student and submitted my (almost) perfect homework right on time..was it really my fault Uranus wanted me out clubbing all night?

    Just plain hard work..but I have a grudging respect for Saturn in Libra helping me to cast a critical eye over those relationships that hinder (what real meaning do they have in my life nowadays?) and in doing so, I have more gratitude for those that are encouraging and just plain good fun!

  9. That’s a great point, Penny ~ using Saturn to our advantage as we pare down relationships that aren’t working. It’s discouraging to think that we might be stuck in those relationships for even one more day. To be stuck in them for a lifetime will break our spirit and lead to depression and feelings of isolation and hopelessness, Saturn at his worst.

  10. When Saturn in Libra is over it hits Scorp. Yay, fears for survival. It seems from your post you’ve already had some of that with your Saturn in the 8th.

    I had my Saturn return, which didn’t affect me very much (12th house- so, so oblivious.) But now it’s hitting Jupiter and I can feel the contraction.

    I suppose when it hits the ascendant I’ll start looking my age.

    1. Oh, yes. Survival fears have been on the intense side. Saturn opposing, on or squaring my ascendant are usually my skinny days. Maybe it has something to do with being the ancient ruler of Aquarius. But, I always seemed to look younger in those days, too, Beth. Then it passed, and boom! Old lady. 😦

  11. Good morning!
    Saturn’s transiting my 6th House. Glad I know astrology because it’s prompted me to quit smoking, cut down on drinking, eat more healthily and and take more exercise!
    Interesting what you say about about making you stay a long time with something when you don’t want to…all of last year Saturn and Pluto transited my Sun – stuck in a job I hated and couldn’t leave for various reasons. Now Uranus is transiting my Sun and poof!, everything changes, laid off from the job and I am free and doing my own thing at last 🙂

    1. That’s a glowing Saturn report for the 6th and shows us how those Uranian eruptions can actually bring us the freedom we’ve heard he promises. Who wants to be stuck in a job they hate? It’s most of our waking lives!

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